The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Alyssa Bernal x Interview

Every now and then, a new artist comes along who seems to effortlessly capture the imagination. Singer/songwriter Alyssa Bernal, a relatable girl with an unforgettable voice, is just that artist for a new generation. Alyssa was your everyday American teenager, busy with classes and cheerleading practice, when her heartfelt, acoustic YouTube clips caught the eye of superstar producer Pharrell Williams. Fast-forward a year later, and her debut album from Star Trak Entertainment is about to bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to the pop landscape.

Shakefire: How would you describe your fashion sense?
Alyssa Bernal: I usually just wear whatever I’m comfortable in, but I’m drawn to the vintage and hipster style clothing stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.

SF: People mistake you for:
AB: Vanessa Hudgens, and Being Filipina (I’m hispanic)

SF: Oddest thing to happen to you?
AB: I haven’t really had an odd experience yet! But I’m sure will experience plenty in the future..

SF: Best Snack:
AB: Bumblebee Tuna!!

SF: Jump or Skip?
AB: Skip.

SF: Favorite way to travel?
AB: Probably on a bus, with my closest friends.

SF: Museum or theater?
AB: Museums! They give me time to think.

SF: Song that always gets stuck in your head?
AB: That McDonalds song! (Pada pa pa pa, I’m lovin’ it.)

SF: Most comforting place:
AB: My bedroom!

SF: On your upcoming album will there be any covers that you performed YouTube?
AB: Nope, all originals!


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