The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Jesse Zav’s N*E*R*D Concert Experience Part 2

Here is once again forum member JesseZav telling his story how he managed to get Pharrell & Chad to sign his Microkorg back in November at the New York’s Fashion Night Out, check it out!
“Whats up guys. I thought i would share this with everyone because it is pretty sentimenal to me. The most recent time that i ran into Chad and Pharrell was in November I believe at New York’s Fashion Night Out. For those of you that do not remember. This year at fashion nigt out, the bbc store announced that there would be a special “nothing” album listening party, along wit a performance by N*E*R*D, followed by an instore meet and greet. If you Look At the top of the site at the logo picture of the you will see Chad and Pharrell holding identical keyboards.

That Keyboard is called the Microkorg. The Neptunes used the Microkorg on hundreds of songs and they created there “signature Bassline” with this piece. The Signature Neptunes bassline can be heard in this song and in this one. The Microkorg synth was used to create this bassline sound from scratch. Anyways, So Quick story is, I Woke up The day of the fashion night out at 3 a.m. I live in Boston so I had to wake up very early and I drove alone 4 hours to NYC where the event was being held later on that night.

The Meet & Greet was only available to people who were to buy a special BBC T-Shirt. Of course I knew there was going to be a line so I had to leave Boston at 3 am. So they do The Performance and it was pretty Cool it was right in the middle of the street infront of the BBC Store. Then after the performance they made us get into a chaotic line in which hundreds of non T-Shirt buyers were making the situation nearly unmanagable. However, I waited paitently in the line. About an hour later the Star Trak squad arrived back at the BBC Store.

They all entered the store seperatly from the black suv’s. The first person to come out of the suv was Chad. At this point I was jam packed in the line but I had my Microkorg in my backpack waiting, as Chad passed where I was standing in line I asked him to sign it as I held it out. It was funny because 100 people were all asking for his autograph and he stopped when he saw the Microkorg and came over to me and signed it. He then signed a couple other autographs for other people and then entered the BBC Store.After that they started letting people in the bbc store a couple at a time. This was to meet N*E*R*D. When I got to the top Pharrell was standing there.

Of course the BBC staff was being kinda rude how they always are, and told me that it was one picture only and that Pharrell could not sign my Microkorg. I turned to the lady and said look I don’t want a picture I just want this signed. Before she could say no Pharrell saud whats up to me and that he remembered me from when i met him in Boston. I told him all I wanted was for him to sign the Microkorg. He said something like ” wow like i said before, you are a one of a kind fan”. he signed the Microkorg and I left. I was very happy. This is something that im pretty sure i can say that nobody else in the world can say that they have, and that is why it is so sentimental to me. Also A video Of Chad Playing Around With the Microkorg in this one

Jesse Zav’s N*E*R*D Concert Experience Part 1

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