For Malice, of the Clipse, they also write. With his first book, “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked”, Malice recounts his story with little inhibition. Though the book covers parts of his professional life with The Clipse and working with producers The Neptunes, its power lies in his personal history and the strength themes he covers: drugs, depression, racism, and ultimately faith. This book, he claims, is not a departure from the content of his raps but a cathartic expression of his longtime belief and the lessons he has learned along the way. I was able to meet with Malice (Gene Elliott Thronton Jr.) in Hyde Park, Chicago to talk about his book, its messages, and his process.

Alfred Bridi: We’re here to talk about your new book, “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked”
Malice: Crazy title ain’t it? [laughs]

A: It is.
M: Yeah there’s a lot going on. The book really, describes a wild ride that I went on. A wild time in my life where…I was in a crisis man.

A: In the book drugs come up, racism, AIDS and depression, but it all leads to one sort of key message centered around faith…
M: Well my faith is in Christ, so I wanna be very clear on that. That’s where my hope comes from. To see things that are happening a long time ago still happening today that let’s me know that that book (the bible) is very much true, current and relevant.

A: How do the stories in the book fit with the content of your raps you wrote earlier with The Clipse?
M: The raps depict a way of life that is very real to The Clipse. I know that’s why our fans support us, they know our message is coming from a direct place. The book is also very real and paints another side of Malice of The Clipse, it’s a side that I find to be more spiritual and way less worldly.

A: Did you find tension with the idea of ego [in rap] and the some of the messages in the Christian faith?
M: When you look at a person who’s down and out or a person that you have given up on and then you see a dramatic change in them….That points to something that is worth more, more enlightening, more valuable, uplifting….It points to faith.

A: You book is honest. How did you feel about revealing some of the stuff you revealed and the consequences that could’ve come up from this?
M: Definitely not. That’s another thing about faith. I totally believe I’m covered. Definitely it was not easy….but when you know the truth and you look at the road I was on and the fact that it could’ve killed me everything else is easy. For the record this book has already saved many, many lives so I know it’s the right thing.

A: Who is this book for? Is there a certain age bracket?
M: No but I definitely cater to the youth. They enjoy film and music but they get a lot of influences…my thing is enjoy your television, enjoy your music but don’t emulate that and pattern your life after THAT. Find out who you are first and enjoy the rest.

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