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June 2011

Katy Perry Working With The Neptunes For ‘California Dreams EP’

Entertainment Weekly can exclusively reveal details about Katy Perry’s upcoming EP “California Dreams” which is set to drop later this fall. Perry has been back in the studio with regular collaborator Dr. Luke and has also has been laying down some tracks with Max Martin, Timbaland, Pharrell and Bangladesh. The music is in the same vain as the Teenage Dream album however has a more “future-esque electro bubble rock” sound to it as Katy describes it. Trust Perry to invent her own genre of music! also have exclusive details on the collaboration that there has been whispers about for months. She is set to collaborate with Rihanna on the club banger “Let Loose“. The verses of the track give way to a thumping chorus that can only remind us of a 2011 version of Hollaback Girl. Its definitely worth the wait for fans of both parties and is a sure fire number 1. The EP will be released individually or as part of a repackaged Teenage Dream which will include the E.P. plus the original album with remixes of E.T. with Kanye West and a forthcoming remix of Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) with youtube sensation Rebecca Black who features in the new video for Last Friday Night, thanks to matty.


No Planes In Space (Chad Hugo & Paul Banks) Working On Debut Album

We all heard the No Planes In Space Chains” and “Potholes D Createur Unidendemo’s from the Foolsgold Mixtape and wondered is this group for real? Is it just a side project?

Well as part of interview with Missile Command (Coming Soon!!), Hiphop Dan confirmed that the album is definitely happening.

“We have many, many things in the pipeline as far as that is concerned, there’s [Chad’s project with Paul Banks from Interpol called] ‘No Planes In Space‘ as well as work for Kenna, and a whole slew of other artists, although I’m not sure who I can mention at this time. Some of these things are solely Chad projects I am chiming in on, others I am taking a more involved role in.”

Earlier on in the interview he also hinted that Missile Command could soon become next years buzz worthy artists. “Eventually it [Missile Command] will be a full-fledged production/remix/performance entity which we are working on right now”

Chad Hugo also revealed that Missile Command are in the studio with Kevin Rudolph in NY all weekend “Studio time with kevin rudolph and @hiphopdan”

We’re working with Dan & Chad to bring you the full interview very soon! Stay tuned !!


Missile Command – Foolcast 22 (2011), No Planes In Space

Chad Hugo Co. Produced Beyonce’s ‘I Care’ ?

According to, they say that Chad Hugo was also involved in the production of Beyonce’s ‘I Care’ and not just on the writing credits. “On the sad but superb “I Care,” The NeptunesChad Hugo offers palpitating beats and lone synth note underneath, and Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele co-produces the heavy drums and definite Earth, Wind & Fire influence of “Rather Die Young.” “Party” is a breezy get-together, accented with scooping, gliding multitracked harmonies that almost make moot the idea of a Destiny’s reunion.” thanks to ruthless for the find !

Beyoncé – I Care (11′)


Mixxology & Pharrell

Mixxology is a Engineer/Producer/Mixer so I guess he’s just been in the studio that day when Pharrell was there too working on something and he wanted a picture with him so nothing serious I guess, but I can be wrong! Thanks to matty.


The Cool Kids Talk Working With The Neptunes (June 27)

Chuck Inglish & Co. sat down with to talk abiut their new album and how is it working with The Neptunes & Travis Barker. “Sitting there with Pharrell asking me what I thought, or building a beat and letting me put that shit together. That’s crazy because four or five years ago, I was looking at other people doing that shit going crazy like, “I can’t wait to do some shit like that!” Before I looked up, I was doing it and doing it on my own with people I knew and they knew me! They knew me, too! To them, I was kind of where they were at. That shit’s still bugged out. In my head, I will always be the little kid that I’ve always been.”


Natasha Ramos – Last Night (Official Video)

Pretty dope video right there! Produced by Chris & Drop, Directed by Jon Genius.

Alyssa Bernal & Emily Yanez – Toxic (Britney Spears Cover)

Noreaga Previewes ‘Finito’

Thanks to darrenlaking.


Gloria Estefan – Wepa! (With Lyrics)

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