Spank Rock will follow up their breakthrough 2006 album YoYoYoYoYo with Everything Is Boring And Everyone Is A F**king Liar. Stereogum reports the record, due sometime in spring, will have XXXchange, Boyz Noize, Pharrell Williams, N.A.S.A.’s Squeak E. Clean and Chris Rockswell sharing the production credits. The album is also said to feature a collaboration with Santigold for the tune ‘Car Song‘. The news comes a few months after Mark Ronson revealed to Tom & Alex on Breakfast that he was working with Baltimore’s MC Spank Rock on a mixtape in the lead up to the album release.

“It’s great he’s nearly done with his new album so we’re making a mixtape to build up hype towards it. You know, his stuff came out and it was so progressive and it blew everyone away. It sounded like nothing else so I think he wanted to make sure he got this record right and it doesn’t sound like anyone else again.” Spank Rock is an American hip-hop group consisting of rapper Naeem Juwan (MC Spank Rock) and producer Alex Epton (XXXChange). Their style is generally described as a mix of underground alternative rap and electro and rock.


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