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Gloria Estefan – Miss Little Havana (2011) Back Cover, Wepa (Official Video)

Here is the official video to Gloria Estefan’s first single ‘Wepa’ off her new album ‘Little Miss Havana’ available at Target and iTunes and here is the back cover of the album thanks to borsboom.

Gloria Estefan – Miss Little Havana (2011)

01 – Miss Little Havana (Pharrell Williams)
02 – I Can’t Believe (Pharrell Williams)
03 – Heat (Pharrell Williams)
04 – Wepa (Pharrell Williams)
05 – Say Ay (Pharrell Williams)
06 – So Good (Pharrell Williams)
07 – Right Away (Pharrell Williams)
08 – Make Me Say Yes (Pharrell Williams)
09 – Time Is Ticking (Pharrell Williams)
10 – Hotel Nacional (Emilio Estefan)
11 – Make My Heart Go feat. El Catá (Emilio Estefan)
12 – On (Emilio Estefan) (Deluxe)
13 – Medicine (Emilio Estefan) (Deluxe)
14 – Let’s Get Loud (Emilio Estefan) (Deluxe)
15 – Wepa feat. Pitbull (DJ R3hab Remix) (Deluxe)

Updated: September 27th
Gloria Estefan Talks ‘Little Miss Havana’ Track By Track

Gloria Estefan has been interviewed by where she talks about her new Album ‘Miss Little Havana’ track by track. Make sure to cop the album today on iTunes! Thanks to nerd0016.

Here it is finally, one of the most anticipated albums this year completely produced by Pharrell, is out for everyone on Gloria Estefan’s youtube site for a preview. Gloria Estefan is about to release her first English-language album in eight years. Little Miss Havana will hit stores on Sept. 27. But the only stores it will hit are Targets. The popular chain has an exclusive deal with the Cuban-born singer to sell the release. The album, produced by Pharrell Williams and co-produced by Estefan, marks a return to the singer’s dance roots. The release also coincides with the 25th anniversary of Estefan’s first major hit song, Conga, which brought her and the Miami Sound Machine international fame. Those who purchase the album can download an anniversary remix of the catchy track. Estefan, for years under contract to Sony, is among a handful of high-profile Latin acts to deviate from a traditional major-label release.

Naturally a deluxe version will be available which will have four bonus songs and access to more content. The album represents the artist’s return to dance music. Known as the “Queen Of Latin Pop,” Estefan’s release celebrates her musical roots and embraces a new pop sound that translates into music full of life, love and energy. The Target deluxe album bonus songs, produced by Emilio Estefan, include: “On,” “Medicine,” Estefan’s version of “Let’s Get Loud,” and “WEPA” a DJ R3hab Remix featuring Pitbull. On the Target album, guests also have exclusive access to downloadable content, including the 25th anniversary remix of Estefan’s hit song “Conga.” One of my favourites from the album are ‘I Can’t Believe’ and Heat, check them out below. The album is due September 27. You can pre-order the album on iTunes.

“I am so excited to partner with Target on the release of my new CD ‘Miss Little Havana,’ an album that was so much fun to make and is a return to where it all started for me … on the dance floor,” said Estefan. “There are a few extra surprises on the Target exclusive deluxe CD that I’m sure my fans will love. Working with Pharrell and Emilio on this project just felt right. My fans have been asking for a new dance record, and I hope they will enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it.”

Gloria Estefan – 01 – Miss Little Havana (Pharrell Williams)
“It’s kind of ’80s freestyle mixed with Pharrell’s urban sensibilities brought to present day.”

Gloria Estefan – 02 – I Can’t Believe (Pharrell Williams)
“There’s very little bass on the whole record. Usually it’s the 808s that are carrying the low end. So this song does have a bass that comes in that takes the song into overdrive.”

Gloria Estefan – 03 – Heat (Pharrell Williams)
“I love ‘Heat’! Pharrell arranged and performed the first nine tracks on the record. He had done amazing arrangements of percussion but I really wanted to bring real percussion to the project. We’ve got the timbales and the congas just kind of battling it out.”

Gloria Estefan – 04 – Wepa (Pharrell Williams)
“It’s about how the working man and how anybody have a great time with music and dance… I wanted to give it a very carnival, festival feeling, the type you hear in street parties in Brazil and Cuba, that people would go down the streets dancing to, just a crazy Caribbean feel to it.”

Gloria Estefan – 05 – Say Ay (Pharrell Williams)
“The horns are actually carrying the bulk of the harmonic background of this record which I find really cool and different.”

Gloria Estefan – 06 – So Good (Pharrell Williams)
“This is a straight up Cumbia directly from Colombia. We used the actual drums, and also the drums that are used in typical Cumbia. In a nutshell, this is about Pharrell, horns and drums.”

Gloria Estefan – 07 – Right Away (Pharrell Williams)
“This was my kids’ favorite song. Something about it speaks to them, it’s kind of reminiscent of old ’70s disco, it’s got the wawa guitar that we put in. Goes from very sweet to nasty, and I love that.”

Gloria Estefan – 08 – Make Me Say Yes (Pharrell Williams)
“‘Make Me Say Yes’ is reminiscent of early ’90s techno pop. I love this because it’s got a lot of layered vocals on it, very different sound from the rest of the record; it’s one of my favorites from the get go.”

Gloria Estefan – 09 – Time Is Ticking (Pharrell Williams)
“I wanted to have at least one ballad for my fans because this has been who I am throughout my career. It’s literally talking about my memories growing up in Miami.”

Gloria Estefan – 10 – Hotel Nacional (Emilio Estefan)
“We wanted a very woody, old fashioned sound, cause its jitterbuggy [in] this song. It’s got clarinets, it’s got saxes, and a whole different vibe-it just sounds like you could be in the ’20s but with hardcore dance.”

Gloria Estefan – 11 – Make My Heart Go feat. El Catá (Emilio Estefan)
“We wanted it to be very world African sounding. My little girl is shredding on the guitar, all the guitar is Emily playing the solos – she added this very cool, rock edgy solo to this African sounding beat.”

Gloria Estefan – 12 – Make My Heart Go (Emilio Estefan)
“The brass section is killer. You could strip out the dance part and it is a straight up Merengue from Santo Domingo but it’s got this really hard edge.”

Gloria Estefan – 13 – Medicine (Emilio Estefan)
“To me, music has always been medicine. Music, dance, those things that unite us as human beings.”

Gloria Estefan – 14 – Let’s Get Loud

Gloria Estefan – 15 – Wepa feat. Pitbull (DJ R3hab Remix)


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