The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Pharrell Williams Talks ‘Possible’ Justin Timberlake Collaboration

Pharrell Williams is aware of the consequences of his busy schedule. “There’s no social life,” says the songwriter/producer/entrepreneur, “but that’s OK.” Williams’ latest title is the creative director of Karmaloop TV, which is currently an online destination at but is vying to be a full-fledged cable channel. The site has begun its first big push with an initiative dubbed Reclaim Your TV, which hopes to draw in the first generation that never knew life without Internet.

“We’re ‘live and let live’ type of people,” says Williams of the Reclaim slogan. “We just want to bring people the content that we miss and the things that we’d want to see.”

When do you think TV got to a point where it needed to be reclaimed?
Well, it’s not really the networks’ fault, or the cable providers’ fault. It’s the fact that the Internet has just made everything so abundant. … There’s so many different choices out there, and I could see how it could be confusing at times, and it’s hard to remain focused. But that’s what we’re intent on doing. We intend to do a couple of things right, not 20 million things.

You have so many different ventures you’re involved in, including clothing and liquor. How do you define the spark that has to be there for you to invest your time and money?
I’m always up for the challenge, and it’s always got to make sense. … Being a partner in a network is a big move; but at the same time, contributing to all things creative there is an honor.

Let’s talk about music. Are you still finding time to get into the studio?
Yeah, everything from on the pop side from like Jay Sean all the way to Jay-Z.

How about J.T.? I’ve heard rumors that you’ve even been working with Justin Timberlake again.
I heard those rumors too.

Are they true?
I’m not one to talk, but we’re all excited.


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