Teyana Taylor

Despite Teyana Taylor’s s announcement that she is leaving Star Trak Entertainment or already did two days ago, I’ve decided to check out once again the internet if there are any new music or even video footage by Teyana Taylor where she performs all Three Neptunes Tracks she did for her debut album ‘From A Planet Called Harlem‘ that was supposed to come out in 2008. The album has been pushed back several times and in the end it’s been shelved. The Neptunes tracks are Switch It Up, I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) and Kisser.

Teyana Taylor, Verbal & Pharrell

And indeed there are new (old) footage of Teyana Taylor performing Switch It Up At The Apollo from 2008 and I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) in Amsterdam from last year. We’ve never heard I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) before but had Switch It Up but never the full version and in good quality, all we need now is to hear Kisser which essentially was planned as the official first single according to MTV, who knows Teyana will maybe release all the stuff that didn’t make it on her new EP (due February 29), you can download the tunes below.

Teyana Taylor – Switch It Up (Live At The Apollo) (2008)

Teyana Taylor – I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) (Live In Amsterdam) (1:31-2:20)

Teyana TaylorFrom A Planet Called Harlem (Studio Session) (2009)
Producers & Guests: Hit Boy, The Neptunes, Jazze Pha, Bangladesh, Mad Scientist, Kelis, Frost, Shondre, Six Sense…
Confirmed Tracks:
– Color Me Pink
– Young Girl feat. Eve
– Translation
– Traffic Stop
– Google Me (Jazze Pha)
– Complicated
– Switch It Up (The Neptunes)
– Good Enough
– Naah Mean
– Rock Star (Jazze Pha)
– I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes)
– Kisser (The Neptunes)


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