MTV’s Spankin New ‘Justified’ (2002) (Part 1)

Check out this MTV special from 2002 called MTV’s Spankin New Music Week Album Launch where they followed Justin from the beginnig of recording Justified to releasing the album in stores, with interviews by Chad Hugo, Pharrell Williams, Brian McKnight, Timbaland and more. One of the interresting things thats been revealed is that Justin’s manager wanted ‘Take It From Here’ as Justified’s first single because the manager thought it woulda been radio friendly, but Justin insisted to ‘Hit ‘em Hard Straight Up’ with ‘Like I Love You’ oh boy and how they did. ‘Like I Love You’ is my all time favourite neptunes beat out of top 3, if I could make a top 3 neptunes beats list (don’t ask me for the other 2 lol), anyways check all 5 parts below, thanks to MortenMars.


MTV’s Spankin New ‘Justified’ (2002) (Part 2)

MTV’s Spankin New ‘Justified’ (2002) (Part 3)

MTV’s Spankin New ‘Justified’ (2002) (Part 4)

MTV’s Spankin New ‘Justified’ (2002) (Part 5)

Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You (Official Video)

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