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Last Night, I’ve been spending over an hour scrolling through the new site by checking out Pharrell & Chad’s credits for the past 22 years, and thought I would know every project they’ve done so far, but I was wrong. The first thing I found is the so called ‘Rim Shaker’ known as ‘Rump Shaker’ by Wreckx-N-Effect which we all know that Pharrell wrote Teddy Riley’s verse on the tune, but this version called ‘Rim Shaker’ has been re-done and released for the 1993 NBA Jam Session, you can download and check out the Official Video below, big thanks to GT01 for telling me about the new

Wreckx N’ Effect – Rim Shaker (Remix) (93′)

Wreckx-N-Effect – Rim Shaker (NBA Jam Session) (1993)


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