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Here is finally the video footage of Leah LaBelle performing Teena Marie’s ‘Square Biz’ tune at the Soul Train Awards. Check the part at 2:50 on the video below. You can download the MP3 of the performance below as well. The lovely Leah LaBelle won her first award on November 10th at the Soul Train Award winning The Centric Soul Train Award for Best Newcomer, her first nomination and her first win, and we finally get to see her performance from that night.

“Yeah, my first award. My first nomination, my first ever everything, first time performing at an awards show, so it’s a night of firsts for me. I’m super excited and the energy in the air is so good right now, so I’m happy. Your look amazing tonight, very classy but spikes hanging from your ear—definitely original. How do you approach your style? I just wanted to do something that just felt good. Me, the way I dress, I just dress from feeling and so it’s a little class meets street and whatever. However you feel. Classy, casual… comfort at the same time, still being fly.”

Leah LaBelle – Square Biz (Teena Marie Cover) (2:50)

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Leah LaBelle – Square Biz (Teena Marie Cover) (12′)

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