Here is the Finland, Helsinki Version of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’, Organised and produced by Stephen Penny the forum member, filmed and edited by Chris Denholm. Assisted by Andrew Hallott, Maija Mäki and Jonah Denholm, its pretty awesome, check it out. #HappyInHelsinki


“Almost immediately after Happy and were released in 2013, fan videos from all around the world starting to crop up on YouTube. There are now hundreds doing the rounds, ranging from people’s offices to some of the remotest towns and locations in the world.

As soon as I saw the video and what other people were doing with the idea I wanted to make a Helsinki version. I’d been in the country 4-5 months at the time and thought that this could be a great opportunity to not only involve the local community, but to also help me meet some new people and network.

When I initially asked for volunteers the interest was minimal – understandable as winter was upon us here in Finland. But as we got in to 2014, and winter subsided, and the sun began to shine, I decided to try one more time. This time the interest from people was amazing.

After posting on a couple of Facebook groups that I use, and also having Ansgar at post for me, I got over 100 emails from different individuals and groups who potentially wanted to be involved. I spent sometime contacting people who might be able to help with filming (as I have no experience in this area,or even any equipment) and a mutual Twitter follower, Chris Denholm (who, coincidentally, is from the same town in the UK as me – small world), kindly volunteered to help film and do the post-production editing. I then set about the task of sorting out locations, replying to everybody, and putting together a schedule for filming. It’s all taken a while, but ……….

……. here is the result of everyone’s hard work:
The response and support has been phenomenal, and I have to give a MASSIVE ‘thank you’ to every person involved – whether you turned up to be in the video, shared a link, tweeted about it, or even baby-sat our kids while we’ve filmed – everyone – thank you!

Below are the credits for the video. Should you wish to share the video, please try to link back to this page and include the credits in your post, as well as tag any posts with #HappyInHelsinki

Over the coming days/weeks, myself and Chris will also try to edit each participants’ individual video and upload these as well – that way everyone has a copy of their full shoot. Links will be posted here on and also on the Facebook page – please Like the page to keep up to date with the project, as well as other posts from my website.

We have footage from over 20 filming sessions, and still have other people who would like to be involved, but couldn’t at the original time of filming …….. so there may even be another version in the works at some point in the future!

Organised and produced by Stephen Penny –

Thanks to:
Ansgar at
HKI Soul dance group –
Claire Voss
Juan Carlos Moya
Alexander Wilska and Metropolia University
Mario Conforte and Julija Näaivä
Mohamed Eldishnawy
Olayemi Joshua Akinsanya
Anu Nylund and the Helsinki Guides –
Mario Conforte and Julija Näivä
Kata Valjento and Sandra Murras
Mikael Uhtio
Mohamed Eldishnawy
Joseph Musso, Michelle Henrichsen, Aku Varamäki at Finnair –
Helsinki Airport and Finavia –
Loriana Ghita, Olivier Nouwen and Eliott Nicot
Milla Muuronen & Pauleen Chepkorir
Laura Kunnas and Bolly Beat Dancers –
Racheal Ajao and Hillary Siclait
Karoliina, Loviisa, Saima, Kaisa, Sonja and Antonia
Yasmin May
Henry Morales, Vivek Kumar and Sara Martonen
Nicola, Sophie and Johanna
Joe at The Woolshed –

Thanks to everyone that liked, shared, retweeted, participated, and all those who were involved in any way!

To watch the original videos that inspired this project, please visit and check out BBC Ice Cream (EU) and i am OTHER.

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