Regarding The Forum Guys (Update)

Posted: May 09th

Posted: May 7th.
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This is a message from GodMari himself:
Ran into some database issues. Have to write a script to convert the old database to the new one, so We’re Going To Be Delayed. I know it sucks, but I’m going to say Friday as a safety measure to give myself room to breathe. Basically old database = old posts, comments, username and pass, etc. which is built on SQL. The new forum doesn’t use SQL as a database, but Redis instead. Redis is ultra fast and integral to the functionality of the new forum.

So basically I’m writing a Redis script to convert the old SQL database tables into database tables Redis can read. Redis uses LUA as its scripting language, I’ll be honest I only messed with LUA back in school a bit, so I’m having to pick this up in 48hrs. Its not a hard language and I’ve got most if it pretty much down. It only needs to work good enough to convert tables with no corruption.

The New Forum is build on Node + Redis which is extremely powerful and fast. You can read more about both of them Here and Here and since I don’t tweet much you can idle out at in #theneptunes IRC Channel for around the clock updates.

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