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The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Dana Hilliard – Kick Back Sessions (2014)

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Guys, if you’ve been missing that Neptune Sound from the 2000’s, then this will be your favourite album of the year. Forum Members The Radicals, who were recently featured on TheNeptunesOrg Mixtape Vol. 2, did all the production on this project titled Kick Back Sessions by Dana Hilliard. After the 20th listening, you just have to love the project which seems that Dana is The Radicals’ Kelis.

Every tune on the album is a keeper, there is not one bad tune, even the Interludes remind you of old Kelis, you definitely should check it out “Hey guys we (Radicals) recently wrapped up production on the free album from our friend Dana. We did the entire joint, and were inspired by the idea of funkadelic groove.. let me know how ya’ll feel about it. Thanks Grindin peeps!!”

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Dana – Kick Back Sessions (2014)
01 – Intro (The Radicals)
02 – Over Me – Walk My Way feat. Tenny (The Radicals)
03 – Hold Me (The Radicals)
04 – Popular (The Radicals)
05 – Let’s Talk About It feat. Tenny (The Radicals)
06 – Session One (Interlude) (The Radicals)
07 – Heartbreaker (The Radicals)
08 – Heartbreaker (Interlude) (The Radicals)
09 – So Damn Beautiful (The Radicals)
10 – Celestial (The Radicals)
11 – I Recognize (The Radicals)
12 – Session Two (Interlude) (The Radicals)
13 – All Night (The Radicals)
14 – I’m Good (The Radicals)
15 – Hold Me (The Radicals Remix)

Total Size: 84.51MB

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