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The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Leah LaBelle Has Something To Say

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“Gooooood mornin 💜 … I’m going to share something personal here with you, which at times isn’t easy for me. i highly encourage everyone to read this book I just finished reading myself. especially those who are currently in search of self-REALIZATION & who are entering or going through a journey of change. some of you may speculate what has been going on with my music, or lack-thereof, and truth is I’ve had to go back to the drawing board in the last year and some change.

Leah La Belle & Pharrell In The Studio ( November
there was a huge fear in that for me. and if we are being honest, made me question myself & my entire approach. fear of growing older. fear of being mis-interpreted, mis-understood, forgotten. fear of “what the hell now?” anxiety in every way. i reached an extreme low that i never experienced before & i felt broken. without music i can’t breathe. after going through my moments (and thank you to my loved ones for never letting go of me), i finally started to hear Gods voice (through many different vessels), telling me that i have to stop focusing & worrying about what hasn’t happened, and trying for it to happen right away.::

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and instead i needed to focus on myself & reflect on how i can be better & more prepared for LIFE..: so that when i reach my goal i am not just there, in the same place again, uncertain & full of confusion as to what to do with it, but rather i needed to self-reflect, heal, learn my strengths & weaknesses, own them, not be afraid of them, and grow within. to be full! i remembered a friend telling me about this book years ago after i read “the alchemist”. i was driving recently & the name just popped in my head. i went right to Barnes & nobles & sat there in the store & went in.

Leah La Belle & Pharrell In The Studio ( November
I felt a sense of awareness. & acceptance. in knowing that the journey is to be appreciated & the process is to teach! rushing to the goal without stopping to smell the roses won’t teach you anything worth knowing. i am grateful that i have a story to tell & that I’ve been through my share of “no’s” & closed doors. so now, when my platform is given, i have a story to share & i hope to inspire! i am not done. I’m just getting started!!! 💜


Leah Labelle – So Hot (12′)

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