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„Our new fashion series takes a look back at the sartorial journey of pop culture icons. This time around, we’re breaking down the style of Virginia’s finest – Skateboard P. What makes a legend? Their look? Their collection of endless designer threads? Their ability to constantly transform or commit to a singular look? It’s all of the above. Just take a look at Pharrell Williams. His individuality, consistency and eccentricity all describe his style approach.

Combining sporty street elements with Parisian high fashion, the Council of Fashion Designers Fashion Icon Honoree is equal parts hipster and art star. He’s garnered success in both music and fashion, and his skateboard-inspired fashion sets him apart from other wordsmiths in the hip-hop game. Once a stickler for the status quo, Skateboard P nixed strings of rare and expensive jewels and baggy attire for vibrant, Yamaguchi patterns, exotic skin accessories and tailored Lanvin.

This year, we witnessed the birth of several emulated looks including signature Adidas sneakers, John Wayne-inspired 10-gallon cowboy hat and tuxedos jackets with shorts. Those bold moves encouraged brands across the globe to recreate the designs to share with their loyal customers. From co-founding clothing brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Footwear to managing New York City boutiques to co-designing jewelry and eyeglasses for Louis Vuitton, The Neptunes and N*E*R*D front man is a true Renaissance man. Reminisce as we look at the Commander-In-Cool’s style evolution through his most iconic magazine covers, and take note of how to MAN UP! Find out how to score one of his signature looks at the end of the post, to read more click HERE.


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