Modern Painters Cover 2
Two days ago, the Grammys hosted a Facebook Q&A with Pharrell where he answered a bunch of Fan questions on Twittter, check out the interresting ones below from the Q&A.

@l0rdwillin: What is one piece of advice you have for an aspiring producer? #GRAMMYsAskPharrell @Pharrell
Pharrell: Study and experiment to find your creative voice for whatever instrument you choose even your actual voice. @l0rdwillin

HoneyBunny49: @Pharrell @TheGRAMMYs @i_am_OTHER @TwitterMusic #GRAMMYsAskPharrell what inspires or how are you inspired to write a new song?
Pharrell: The subtle urge to want to finish a thought to hear what it would sound like. @HoneyBunny49 @TheGRAMMYs @i_am_OTHER @TwitterMusic

‏@eliher17: #GRAMMYsAskPharrell personal favorite Kanye song?
Pharrell: @eliher17 “Love Lockdown”

@musiclover__27: @Pharrell one word to describe ur fans? #GRAMMYsAskPharrell
Pharrell: @musiclover__27 OTHERS.

‏@itsemoneyyy: @Pharrell #GRAMMYsAskPharrell What’s your favorite song from G I R L? I freakin love that album lol
Pharrell: @itsemoneyyy “Gust of Wind”

OVOADAMSPRAGG: @Pharrell #GRAMMYsAskPharrell what is your favourite piece of clothing to wear?
Pharrell: @OVOADAMSPRAGG My G-Star RAW jeans

‏@Juicer86: @Pharrell what is your favourite song Stevie Wonder?#GRAMMYsAskPharrell
Pharrell: @Juicer86 “That Girl”

@OWLKINGLORD: @Pharrell can we expect an NERD album this year? #GRAMMYsAskPharrell

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