“I can only write about the things I’ve seen, and the things I’ve been through,” describes BIA about her sometimes hardcore music. It’s not uncommon to find this pretty face spitting rhymes about perico, dumping on her adversaries and the struggles she faced as a bi-racial teen (she is of Puerto Rican and Italian descent). The twenty-something year old has been patiently waiting for her time to shine ever since she caught the ear of Pharrell several years ago.

Introduced to Skateboard P by longtime Star Trak member Fam-Lay, the deadly emcee has grown from a hungry rapper with little direction to one of the names on must watch rapper lists from numerous music outlets. Having called everywhere from New York City, Boston and Miami home, Bia is readying two major projects that reflect her diverse living experiences. “I have a debut album that I’m working on, but then I also have another project — it’s called Trap Vogue,” says BIA about her upcoming releases.

“That will probably go first all original beats with trap elements and new sounds.” Producer Cardo Got Wings — who also produced “Gucci Comin Home” — has already contributed beats for Trap Vogue. BIA says she prefers to build songs from scratch with the producer in the studio with her. The rapstress also reveals that she’s at her most creative early in the morning, so it’s likely you’ll find her up at 6:00 AM penning tracks in the crib.


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