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Kim Burrell Talks About Her New Single ‘I See A Victory’

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During a conversation this week with, Kim Burrell, who was at home in Houston, shared Thanksgiving plans, her excitement with her music career and why Hidden Figures is an important film to raise awareness for our unsung heroines.

Please share how you were invited to be a part of the single, “I See A Victory,” for the film Hidden Figures’ soundtrack.
Pharrell Williams and I met some time ago. He called me and shared that he was a part of this new film project and he needed me to fly out as soon as possible because he wanted my voice on the soundtrack. I flew to LA, heard the song and recorded. We literally had so much fun. He’s a humble guy and it was easy to work in the studio with him. Here we are with “I See A Victory.” Kirk Franklin was also a part of the process; he put the choir on the track. It’s a combination of greatness.


What resonates the most with you in terms of the lyrics on “I See A Victory” and made you say “yes” to being a part of the project?
Hearing the film’s backstory about the three women who created a formula that took these men to outer space made me want to be a part. I wanted to be a part of what these three women have contributed to our history. Being a child of God, it’s not hard to sing about victory, knowing that we are victorious through him that’s made us. The song is anointed. The lyrics are powerful. And to embrace Pharrell’s gospel side, it’s magical. It gave me a yearning to do it. I was proud of what I heard, his interpretation. The story behind this music is brilliant. Pharrell created a lot of this before the movie concept and he was able to match his catalog with this proect.

These “hidden figures” are unsung heroines. Do you have any unsung heroes in your life you’d like to lift up?
There are so many. There are women who helped to groom me musically at my church. There are very close friends who have told me nothing but truth that’s why we are still best friends till this day. Kelvin McClendon is one who contributed so much to the fabric of Kim Burrell. My own family helped to mold me into what I’ve become to the world. I feel like one day I will get to share my story on the big screen.

Make sure to cop the single on iTunes.

Kim Burrell – I See A Victory (Lyric Video) (2016)

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