Another collaboration between rapper Eve and Pharrell leaked on the net titled ‘Guess Who’s Single’ written by Pharrell Williams, Eve, Lady Gaga, Jim Jonsin and Kalenna. Around July 2008, Jim Jonsin was working with writer Kalenna on tracks and ideas for random artists when he met Lady Gaga. She happened to be writing for Britney Spears when they decided to work together. “I gave her some music and she went to work in a back room. I think she was writing an idea for Britney [Spears] and it was sick, so I grabbed her and brought her back in the room.” said Jonsin.

Pharrell With Jim Jonsin In 2008
They wrote four songs together: “Freezer Burn“, “Guess Who’s Single“, “Kaboom“, and “Let Dem Hoes Fight“, with no artist in mind. Meanwhile rapper Eve was working on her fourth studio album with Pharrell Williams among other producers and initially, the song went to Eve with vocals by Pharrell and Lady Gaga, check out the song below. This is Pharrell’s third track with rapper Eve, they previously worked on ‘All Night Long’ and ‘The Beat Is So Crazy’ featuring Madonna.