While being recently in the studio with The Neptunes for four days cooking up some hits, she now confirmed The Neptunes for her debut album. “I’m working on my album and I definitely just really appreciate good music. And Pharrell is just somebody that you know knows good music,” she said. “We locked in the studio for about four days and we got some fire.”

The super-producer even gave her a nickname, Megan The Machine. “He calls me the Machine. Megan the Machine. Because I got in there and I was knocking them verses out so quick and knocking them songs out. You gotta get in the studio and you gotta show Pharrell what you can do. So as quick as he knocking them out, I’m back dooring and knocking them out. So he was like, ‘Oh, you a machine.’ And I was like, ‘Damn. Pharrell called me a machine. That’s great.’”



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Cooking up with the mf legend him self ?????? @pharrell We been going in for 3 days straight he calling me meg thee machine ! #SUGA

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