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Jeff Bhasker

Madonna – Back That Up To The Beat (Pharrell Williams, Jeff Bhasker, Mike Dean) (19′) (AUDIO)

Madonna just released her fourteenth studio album titled ‘Madame X’ and she recycled one of Pharrell beats from her Rebel Heart Session from 2015 into a new track. ‘Back That Up To The Beat’ was actually planned to have Miley Cyrus on the tune for the 2015 album but it didn’t make the final cut, instead Jeff Bhasker and Mike Dean re-used the tune to fit the new Concept for the ‘Madame X’ album released it on Madonna’s Deluxe 2-CD Edition on June 14th , you can check out both versions below.

Beyonce’s “I Care” Was Originally Made For Jeff Bhasker’s Album

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The Chad Hugo Co-Produced tune ‘I Care’ by Beyoncé from her fourth studio album 4 (2011) was actually made for Jeff Bhasker’s Album who Co-Produced the tune according to Fun. producer says he’s releasing a ‘little more pure version’ of the track on his Billy Kraven solo project in July. “It’s basically done, but I always get sidetracked working on other projects, so I have to come back to it in between,” said Bhasker, who shared a Song of the Year
 honor with Fun. at the Grammys for their smash “We Are Young.”

In between logging time with West, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, Snoop Lion, The Rolling Stones, Blige, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z and Drake, Bhasker has been working on his solo album. Along the way, tracks he’d earmarked for the project, such asI Care,” ended up on Beyoncé’s 4 album. “My sound is maybe a little more pure version of it,” he said of his take on the Bey song slated to appear on his debut, Born On The Fourth Of July, which he plans to release online for free on, yes, July 4th. Thanks to DarkMatter


Beyoncé – I Care (11′)

Beyonce – I Care (Chad Hugo, Jeff Bhasker)

The mystery has been solved and we finally know what tune Chad Hugo was involved with on the Upcoming Beyoncé album 4 (2011) . Beyoncé may be rather mum when it comes to discussing the intimate details of her love life in interviews, but on ‘I Care,’ a song off her forthcoming studio album, ‘4,’ which drops on June 24, she has no problem airing out her feelings. The Jeff Bhasker-produced track finds the captivating songstress singing about a relationship turned sour over some ominous keys. B puts all her cards on the table, however, the one who has her heart has swept them to the side.

“I told you how you hurt me, baby/ But you don’t care/ Now I’m crying and deserted, baby/ But you don’t care/ Ain’t nobody tell me this is love/ You’re immune to all my pain/ I need you to tell me this love/ You don’t care, well, that’s OK,” she belts out. The Neptunes producer Chad Hugo also lends writing credits to the track, alongside the former Destiny’s Child frontwoman and Bhasker. AOL Music will release an exclusive track from Beyoncé’s ‘4’ LP and a new, never before seen photo daily over the next six days, completing the full album listening experience on June 22, thanks to G` !

Beyoncé – I Care (Chad Hugo, Jeff Bhasker) (11′)


Chad Hugo On The New Beyoncé Album?

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