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Paul Banks

No Planes In Space (Chad Hugo & Paul Banks) Working On Debut Album

We all heard the No Planes In Space Chains” and “Potholes D Createur Unidendemo’s from the Foolsgold Mixtape and wondered is this group for real? Is it just a side project?

Well as part of interview with Missile Command (Coming Soon!!), Hiphop Dan confirmed that the album is definitely happening.

“We have many, many things in the pipeline as far as that is concerned, there’s [Chad’s project with Paul Banks from Interpol called] ‘No Planes In Space‘ as well as work for Kenna, and a whole slew of other artists, although I’m not sure who I can mention at this time. Some of these things are solely Chad projects I am chiming in on, others I am taking a more involved role in.”

Earlier on in the interview he also hinted that Missile Command could soon become next years buzz worthy artists. “Eventually it [Missile Command] will be a full-fledged production/remix/performance entity which we are working on right now”

Chad Hugo also revealed that Missile Command are in the studio with Kevin Rudolph in NY all weekend “Studio time with kevin rudolph and @hiphopdan”

We’re working with Dan & Chad to bring you the full interview very soon! Stay tuned !!


Missile Command – Foolcast 22 (2011), No Planes In Space

Missile Command – Foolcast #22 (2011), No Planes In Space (Chad Hugo & Paul Banks of Interpol)

Here is the debut Foolcast of Missile Command, a new DJ team comprised of Chad Hugo and Partyrocker Hip Hop Dan. The DJ Set contains the Demo of Kenna’s Chains with Vocals of Paul Banks of Interpol and Chad Hugo with the new group called ‘No Planes In Space’ who also Co/Produced Kenna’s first single ‘Chains’. The DJ Set also includes Lupe Fiasco, N*E*R*D & More. This DJ set has 4 Chad Hugo tracks including the Chains demo, Lupe Fiasco’s What U Want (Chad Hugo Remix), No Planes In Space – Potholes D Createur Uniden (Demo Mix) and Mansions On The Moon – Love Is Going To Destroy Me (Chad Hugo Remix). I’ve managed to cut the DJ set in pieces, for the Ipod, so enjoy!

Missile Command – Foolcast #22 (2011)
01 – Intro
02 – No Planes In Space – Chains (Demo Mix)
03 – Skit
04 – Intel – Pizza Meeeeng!
05 – Mazzy Star – All Your Sisters (Nacey Bootleg)
06 – N¤E¤R¤D – Hypnotize U (Caligula Remix)
07 – Skit 2
08 – Lupe Fiasco – What U Want (Chad Hugo Remix)
09 – Uncle Jesse – Boat Shoes
10 – Dillon Francis & Dave Nada – Brazzers Theme
11 – Skit 3
12 – No Planes In Space – Potholes D Createur Uniden (Demo Mix)
13 – Mansions On The Moon – Love Is Going To Destroy Me (Chad Hugo Remix)

Total Size: 49,73MB

Paul Banks (33) is an English American musician best known as the lead singer, lyricist and guitarist of the band Interpol. He is also a solo artist under the name Julian Plenti. Banks joined Interpol in the Summer of 1997 when he ran into Daniel Kessler, whom he had met on a study abroad program in Paris. When first asked to join Interpol, Banks initially refused, but after listening to the type of music they were writing, Banks joined. He released a solo album under the name Julian Plenti on August 4, 2009 entitled Julian Plenti Is… Skyscraper and claims to have multiple solo projects and monikers in mind, including a purely instrumental project, and that he wishes to release more solo albums in the future.


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