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The End Of Malice

The End Of Malice (Documentary) (2016)

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Here is the anticipated Documentary of one half of the Clipse No Malice formely known as Malice, where he talks about the climb of the Clipse in the early 00’s and how he found God, with contributors by Pharrell, Pusha T. and more, check it out below.


No Malice Reveals New Album Title ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’, Announces New Documentary ‘The End Of Malice’ Due March 27th

No Malice 2
In the years since Virginia Rap duo the Clipse broke up, brothers No Malice and Pusha T have not made many appearances in the booth together, but as Push shared in a recent documentary, there has been no love lost between them. No Malice (fka Malice) embarked onto a life journey centered on his faith, which he documented in his 2011 book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked as well as his 2013 solo debut Hear Ye Him.

Since then, he has maintained a low profile musically, even admitting to Billboard that he’s “definitely out of the loop” when it comes to today’s Hip-Hop. However, he is not short on things to say and projects to promote, including a new documentary and another solo LP (and a hint to a possible Clipse reunion). In an interview with Billboard‘s Eric Diep, No Malice (born Gene Thornton) goes in-depth about his creative mindset, his artistic goals, and how his spiritual development led him to where he is now.

His film – The End of Malice – is a visual adaptation of those aspects of his life and, as Diep writes, will go ” deeper into crucial life moments and his discovery of God with additional commentary from Pharrell and his brother Pusha T.” Airing March 27 on Revolt TV, it will stand on its own as a body of work but is “all a warm-up” to his new album, titled Let The Dead Bury The Dead.



I Am Second (The End Of Malice) (Trailer) (2014)

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