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February 2008

Jadakiss Working On “Kiss My Ass” !

jadakissss.jpgJadakiss, who’s about 8-9 tracks deep into his new album with a possible release date in late May, recently aired out his feelings on a few subjects including the possibility of getting The Neptunes on his new album. “…I still gotta holla at Kanye, Just Blaze, maybe Pharrell, hopefully Dr. Dre, DJ Toomp. Whoever got the f*cking heat man, Timbaland, Storch. I don’t discriminate. If it’s hot, let’s have it.” On the possible Kiss My Ass title of his new album: “Nas is dropping N*gger, why I can’t drop Kiss My Ass? I think I might keep my sh*t. Kiss My Ass coming soon.”


Snoop Dogg In XXL MAG !

snooppp.jpg“…Initially, there weren’t supposed to be any guest artists on Ego Trippin’. It just happened. That might be me Ego Trippin’ . The real Ego Trippin’ on this record is that I let people write songs for me. “Sensual Seduction” took people by surprise. There was no strategy. My boy Shawty Redd wrote the song, and once I sent it back, he started playing it in the clubs in Atlanta. He’s like, “This muthaf*cka is a big record.” When I played it for my peoples, they didn’t feel it at first not my immediate people, my record-label people. They were like, “Eh.” I was like, “F*ck what y’all talking about, I’m putting this shit out. This is some fly shit. It’s my career, anyway.”

Teriyaki Boys’ New Single !


Apparently Teriyaki Boys’ new single is produced by The Neptunes and is called Zock On featuring Pharrell & Busta Rhymes which comes out in March 18th. Thanks To Neosoul and his Brother !
*Wise’s Blog

Snoop Officially Names The Neptunes On Ego Trippin’ !

beautiful-23.jpgDespite recent reviews and reports, Snoop has confirmed that The Neptunes ARE going to be on his new album. Snoop Dogg stopped by to fill us in on who else might be on the record. “…Skateboard P you know he on the album, I couldn’t miss him. I just like keeping certain things under wrap, that’s a gimme. Pharrell’s always going to be apart of my records it’s just because he’s so passionate about Snoop Dogg…”  Snoop’s Ego Trippin’ is scheduled to drop March 11th.

Snoop Dogg – Ego Trippin’ (2008) March 11th.
- Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (Neptunes)
- Sets Up (Neptunes)

Pharrell Does Phoourniture *No Homo* !

america-4.jpgAccording to, Pharrell is designing his own “Furniture Line” which he hopes to launch at the Art Basel Festival in Switzerland in June.

Everyone Nose Gets A Grade A !

hq.jpgIt’s been a while since the whole gang has been together with Pharrell Williams’ successful solo career, but as expected, Williams, Chad Hugo & Shay Haley return with fire. It isn’t a very different sound that what we’re used to from the she wants to move hit makers, but i feel that that’s better than not. A definite body mover, “Everyone Nose” is a call out to “All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom” in the club, with a chorus that leads one to believe Williams is really rapping about cocaine use!


Pharrell’s InStyle Article !

festival41.jpgPharrell, who was given the much-less-dubious honor of being named InStyle’s “Man Of Style.” has two clothing lines in the bag and a jewelry line forthcoming, the mag asked him to spill his style secrets for the latest issue. Pharrell described his clothing lines, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, as “basically everything I ever wanted as a kid but couldn’t afford and if I could have afforded it, no one was making it.” He started out wearing Vans and Vision Streetwear, but an admiration of Rakim led him to Dapper Dan threads and gold chains. Though Pharrell had his own gold-chains phase, he insists he’s “more subtle” now, and counts George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Robert Redford among those he admires.


Pharrell & Flava Flav At Brixton Academy In Summer !

downtown-4.jpgThe frontman of Public Enemy Flava Flav & Pharrell Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back, which they will be performing at Brixton Academy on Friday, May 23. Williams will be performing with N¤E¤R¤D with new material from their new album “N*3*R*D” a few weeks later, on Saturday, June 14.


?uestlove Speaking About N¤3¤R¤D !

nerdas.jpg“…Not to say that I don’t still have ‘Oh shit!’ moments. Like, Pharrell played me a bit of the new N¤E¤R¤D record, and you definitely know that he wants to come back with a vengeance. Like, I think Pharrell got something in his soul that’s just saying, “I can’t rely on just my good looks and fashion sense. Muhfuckas are tryna count me out, and I got to not just come back, but really kick their ass.” I mean, the four or five songs I heard, it’s like, this dude is coming back like he got a score to settle. So hopefully, that will just start a domino theory on everybody else. Make everybody else step they game up

Busta & The Neptunes For “Back On My Bullsh*t” !

bustarhymes.jpgBusta Rhymes is working on a new album called “Back On My Bullsh*t” with Dr. Dre, Green Lantern, Timbaland, Cool & Dre, Danjahandz, Nottz & The Nepuntes, who provided the title for the album. “…I’m calling it “Back On My Bullsh*t” for two reasons. I said it on a new song and it stuck in Pharrell’s head. And because this album, in particular, feels like vintage Busta Rhymes, in a 2008 way. It was original and appropriately the right thing to call the project. No deep brain-science, nothing like that…” The Album is due Summer.

Busta Rhymes – Back On My Bullsh*t (2008) (Due Summer)
- Back On My Bullsh*t (Neptunes)

Pusha T. & Joss Stone !


Pusha T. & Joss Stone were in the studio in NYC last week, working on some new music together.

Danjahandz Speaks About Pharrell & Clipse !

2004-bmi-urban-ma-3.jpgTalking About Pharrell !

“…Actually Madonna is finished. Me and Timbaland did four or five songs together. Timbaland also did three more with a new producer, Hannon Lane, out of Virginia. Then Pharrell did the rest. So it’s like a Virginia-produced album. I’m actually kind of proud of that. Even though me, Timbaland and Pharrell didn’t work together, just for us to completely conquer an artist such as Madonna. I’m good. Either way, whether we got a single or Pharrell got a single, Virginia got a Madonna single…”

clibch.jpgTalking About Clipse !

“…We haven’t got in. I really want to get in them just for the sake of Virginia. Pusha, pound-for-pound, a lot of people ain’t touching him with the spitting. I wanna do at least six or seven joints and make that album a classic like a Dre with a Snoop, or Primo with Big and Nas. There hasn’t been any more conversations recently, but we gonna make that happen for sure…”

Chester French SXSW Show Details !

ches-french.jpgChester French are playing at the Facebook Party On March 10th, continuing at the Volume Show on the 12th and at the Perez Hilton Party on the 15th including 1 or 2 other Surprise Shows at the festival as well.

Anyone who’s going to be at SXSW, message them on their Myspace Site or comment on here so they know to look out for you at the show. Also, keep sending in your ideas for songs to them to Chesterize.

Google Me Video Feb. 28th !


The Teyana Taylor single “Google Me” will air on TRL, Feb. 28th 2008 ! Make sure to check it out and to vote on TRL !

Teyana’s Upcoming Shows

Feb 22 2008 1:00P
Edward Byrne Center Jamaica, New York

Feb 24 2008 3:00P New York, New York

Feb 25 2008 11:45P
Interview with C.Truth NY, New York 

DJ Don Cannon & Slim Thug !

slim-thug.jpg“…I’m working on my new Album with Slim Thug and I’m just gonna lock it in, like on some Dr. Dre sh*t: no showers, no food, just music. I’m gonna do half the album in Atlanta; do a couple of joints in Philly to capture that back home feeling. And I’m gonna do the rest of the album in LA…” Other artists who conrtibuted to the album include The Game, Ludacris, Willie The Kid, Young Jeezy, Rocko, Slick Pulla and Big Kuntry.

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