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September 2010

Sara Bareilles Talks More About Pharrell

Grammy-nominated singer/pianist Sara Bareilles has been interviewed lately by to talk about her No. 1 Album Kaleidoscope Heart and The Neptunes Session she had. “We had a couple of days in the studio, which was highly entertaining for me. I’m like, ‘I don’t even know what I’m doing here.’ He’s amazing. He’s super charismatic and really fun. We didn’t end up with anything, nothing we can play for anybody at the end of the day. But it was a riot for me to even be there. I was like, ‘What am I doing here?’ He’s got the kind of confidence that I’ll never have. I’m fascinated by it. He’s a cool dude.”



RollaCoaster Magazine Scans (Updated)


Kanye West – Runaway (Cover)

Kanye West – Runaway feat. Pusha T. (10′)

Pharrell Speaks On Jared Evan

Pharrell speaks on his experience of spending a week recording with Jared Evan in LA, thanks to Andrei.


Pharrell & Hans Zimmer: Meeting Of The Minds


Gucci Mane – Haterade feat. Pharrell & Nicki Minaj (Full)

Here is the full version of Haterade, thanks to pappoo.

Gucci Mane – Haterade feat. Pharrell & Nicki Minaj  (10′)

Updated: September 19th
Southern rapper Gucci Mane’s The Appeal album has been released online on where you can preview his album for free including The Neptunes’ produced tune Haterade featuring Nicki Minaj, pretty dope beat right there, check it out. Thanks to Borsboom.


N*E*R*D x Kiss FM Interview

Check out this hilarious N*E*R*D interview with the German Kiss FM Radio Station, Laughing Out Loud, thanks to FlowHightide.

Pharrell & Nigo At Bob Ricard/London Bape Store


Chiddy Bang – The Good Life (Music Video)

With their viral hits “Opposite Of Adults” and “Truth,” which deftly sampled MGMT and Passion Pit, Philly hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang have hit the scene in a big way. While their full-length debut isn’t due until 2011, a special mini-album called The Preview streets in October, featuring the Pharrell Williams-produced cut, “The Good Life“—hear it below! The song’s laid back groove and sing-song hook hearken back to the partying-on-speedboats heyday of cuts like Biggie’s “Hypnotize” and Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin‘,” but with Pharrell’s signature 808-synth blips peppering the mix. It’s a definite gearshift from the spazzy, indie-influence of their first two singles, showcasing another side of Chiddy Anamege and Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Beresin, both 19, who met at Philly’s Drexel University.

“It was surreal and crazy to grasp,” says Chiddy of working with Pharrell. “Even when he walked in the studio, we were in a little bit of shock. It’s crazy to put ourselves in that context. No matter how much we accomplish, in our psyche, we’re still like kids that were making shit in a dorm.” Adds Beresin: “He has an incredible energy, one of the most respected people who I grew up listening to. No one else really brings the raw swagger that he does.” Part of the hook finds Chiddy chanting the word “swelly” over and over again, and it’s a term the MC coined as a high schooler.

“I made that word to replace the word ‘swag,'” he explains. “The word ‘swag’ is corny—everybody says they got swag. I was like, ‘Yo, I got swell.’ That transformed into ‘swelly,’ meaning all things fresh, all things dope.” The group likes the word so much that they’re naming their next mixtape Peanut Butter N’ Swelly. As for the next year’s full-length album, Chiddy’s got big plans: “We’ve got grand ideas, like trying to bring in ?uestlove from The Roots to drum on some stuff, trying to bring in Black Thought from The Roots to oversee the project, give us some guidance, because he’s been a mentor to us for the longest.” Thanks to


Chiddy Bang – The Good Life (The Neptunes) (10′)

Ciara Teases ‘Possible’ Collabo With N*E*R*D

Ciara and N*E*R*D blazed the stage when they performed the band’s sultry single “Hot-N-Fun” at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. When MTV News caught up with the ATL princess on the show’s white carpet, she dished that fans could be rocking to a white-hot collaboration between CiCi and the hip-hop crew in the future. “We’re talking about doing a couple of things. We’ve been in the studio a little bit too, just, like, talking about things and stuff,” Ciara said. “In the future, it’s very possible that you’ll be hearing something more from possibly me and N*E*R*D and also maybe even just me and Pharrell, musically.”

The songstress, who took on Nelly Furtado’s vocal duties from on the original track, joined the band for a hip-twisting, back-bending performance at the show’s Chevrolet Cruze Drive-In. Whether a Ciara/ N*E*R*D project actually jumps off, the songbird said she enjoyed turning up the fire with the band onstage. “I have to say, I had a lot fun performing with Pharrell. He’s such a sweetheart, their whole crew, Chad [Hugo], Shay, all of them are such sweet guys,” she said. “I had a wonderful time.” One project that is definitely in the works is Ciara’s upcoming album, Basic Instinct. Perhaps recruiting the “Hot-N-Fun” fellas for some new tracks is a smart move, as the singer told MTV News last year that her Fantasy Ride follow-up will be, well, “hot and fun.”


N*E*R*D Fashion’s Night Out

Catch N*E*R*D’s street performance and an interview from the BBC Store from appearances from Chris Brown, Fam-Lay, Nigo and Christian Rich.


Voltron – The Movie Is Getting Ready To Form, First Look At Artwork just posted some new information about the new Voltron Movie which Pharrell will initially compose. Check out the cool new image of the Blue Lion below, which gives us a sense of the robot’s massive scale created by the Swedish up-and-comer and Oblivion artist Andree Wallin. For those anxiously awaiting an heir apparent to breathe fresh life into the massive-metal-monster genre, it looks like the oft-rumored Voltron movie may finally be gaining some traction.

It appears that Atlas Entertainment has taken the reins on the project and is gearing up a pretty impressive pitch. Apparently, they’ve hired the currently hot screenwriting tag-team of Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. The names may not sound familiar to you, but they might soon. The duo wrote the upcoming Conan flick, and are currently scribing the Dr. Strange and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune adaptations. Looks definitely awesome, thanks to crezendo.



N*E*R*D’s Favorite Producers

N*E*R*D talk about their Favourite producers, thanks to KingKahn.

Pusha T. Talks G.O.O.D. Music Signing

Oh, what a difference a summer makes. When VIBE caught up with Pusha T. back in May, he was at somewhat of a crossroads in his career. The Clipse—the duo comprised of himself and his brother Malice—had just announced that they were preparing to release solo albums, but neither had a solo deal at the time and there were no concrete plans in place for their immediate future. Fast forward to Sunday night (Sept. 12) and Pusha on stage with Kanye West at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards performing “Runaway,” the latest single from ‘Ye’s forthcoming album, reportedly titled Dark Twisted Fantasy. Just how did he push his way into this position? We caught up with Mr. Push-A-Ton to discuss the VMAs, the Kanye/Taylor Swift controversy, the making of ‘Ye’s new single and his role as the newest member of G.O.O.D. Music. Yeah, he’s good.

VIBE: Congrats on the big look Sunday. We were surprised to see you take the stage. No one had heard anything about you joining Kanye that night. When did ‘Ye get the idea to perform “Runaway” at the show and when did you find out you were joining him?
Pusha T: [Laughs] I have no idea when Kanye first got the idea to perform the song at the Video Music Awards, but the show was on, what…?


DJ Chase Chad & DJ Steve Aoki

Thanks to Aaron.


Chad Hugo At The G-Star Fashion Show Afterparty


The After Party In Versailles


Versailles Private Viewing With Takashi Murakami

Pharrell & Co. had a Private Vieving in Versailles Castle without the thousands of visitors who visit the castle everyday. Versailles is closed to the public on Mondays so it was the perfect opportunity for Takashi Murakami to show Pharrell & Co. his exhibit.


N*E*R*D & Uffie In Chateau De Versailles, Paris, France


Ice Cream Car In Tokyo


Ryan Leslie To Work With Chad Hugo

According to Ryan Leslie’s facobook page, he is about to work with Chad Hugo: “Told the talented Chad Hugo of The Neptunes that we should collaborate. Here we are backstage at G-Star yesterday. He said: “There’s not much to be excited about in music right now.” I said: “Let’s make something exciting.” Thanks to John Parsons.


Pharrell Gets An Idea…

Pharrell needed to play an idea so he walked into this piano store and asked if he could use one.


Alyssa Bernal & Lifehouse Complete Tour Dates (Updated)

Here are the complete tour dates of Alyssa Bernal & Lifehouse featuring Kris Allen.

16th – 8:00 PM – Boston, MA, United States Orpheum Theatre
17th – 8:00 PM – New York, NY Roseland Ballroom
20th – 8:00 PM  – Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
23rd – 8:00 PM – Atlantic City, NJ, United States Tropicana Casino
24th – 8:00 PM – Washington, DC, US DAR Constitution Hall
26th – 8:00 PM – Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
29th – 8:00 PM – Springfield, MO, NUS O’reilly Family Event Center
30th – 8:00 PM – Grant, OK Choctaw Event Center
31th – 8:00 PM – Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theater

2nd – 8:00 PM – Dallas, TX Palladium Ballroom
4th – 8:00 PM – Kansas City, MO Uptown Theater
5th – 8:00 PM – Chicago, IL, United States Chicago Theatre
8th – 8:00 PM – Detroit, MI Fillmore- Detroit
9th – 8:00 PM – St. Louis, MO The Pageant
11th – 8:00 PM – Milwaukee, WI, United States Eagles Ballroom
12th – 8:00 PM – West Des Moines, IA, US Val Air Ballroom
14th – 8:00 PM – Denver, CO, United States Ogden Theatre
15th – 8:00 PM – Salt Lake City, UT, United States In The Venue
16th – 8:00 PM – Reno, NV Knitting Factory Concert House
18th – 8:00 PM – Universal City (LA), CA Gibson Amphitheatre
20th – 8:00 PM – Temecula, CA, US Pechanga Resort & Casino
21st – 8:00 PM – San Francisco, CA Nob Hill Masonic Center
23rd – 8:00 PM – Seattle, WA WaMu Theatre
24th – 8:00 PM – Portland, OR Roseland Theater

Tickets on sale Friday; 877-711-2946,


Shay Says ‘Nothing’ Is Due October 19th

A good friend of mine WhyPR was also at the BBC/Ice Cream Fashion’s Night Out Event where she interviewed N*E*R*D about the new album and where Shay confirmed that Nothing will be out on October 19th, WhyPR also spoke to Christian Rich where they revealed that they won’t be featured on the track Victory but on the Hot-N-Fun remix? Check out the Interview, big props to WhyPR.


N*E*R*D – Nothing To Be Released On October 19th ?
Updated: September 11th

One of our forum member legend_killer116 has been at the BBC Fashion Night Out With N*E*R*D where they played ‘Nothing’ in the store and where legend_killer116 had afterwards the opportunity to talk with Shay. Mr. Haley told him that ‘Nothing’ will be relealsed due October 19th, check out what legend_killer116 said. “Hey guys I attended fashions night out and got one of the BBC tees they released, also got to meet N.E.R.D later after the performance they held outside and guess what? I spoke with Shay and he told me October 19th is the release date for Nothing, We should believe it lol cause I heard the album while in the store, which sounds great from the few I got a good listen too.” I hope this will be their last pushback :/.

N*E*R*D – Nothing
* Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado (Single)
* Party People
* Help Me
* Make You Feel Good
* Victory
* You’re So Perfect
* I’ve Seen The Light
* You’re The One
* Fuego
* For Sure
* The Man
* God Blessed Us All
* Perfect Defect
* Nothin’ On You
* The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
* In The Air

N*E*R*D – Nothing (Studio Session)
* Show Me Some Love
* Radio
(+ 25 Tracks)

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