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February 2011

Jadakiss Talks ‘Knock Yourself Out’, Mentions Another Version With Different ‘Crazy’ Beat

“‘Knock Yourself Out’ was very important for my career. Back then, if you had a Neptunes track you had a hit. But the song that came out was not the original beat. I had another Neptunes beat that I thought was even crazier. I went down to Virginia with Pharrell. We chopped it up and went through a lot of beats and we ended up getting a joint that I thought was going to be ‘Knock Yourself Out.’ We had the hook and everything. We took so much time on the song that I didn’t even lay any verses. So we got back to New York and I was going to lay it down at the Hit Factory. I knew how I wanted the rhymes to flow. I already knew it was going to be my single.”

“But when I get to the studio the beat was not the original beat that Pharrell gave me in VA! I’m like, ‘Holy shit! How could you do this to me?!!!’ Nobody told me that the track had been changed. I’m like, ‘What happened to the other beat?!!!’ So Pharrell’s people start telling me that he didn’t like it. And I’m thinking, ‘Damn, he’s just going to switch it without me?’ But I ended up laying it down. I started listening to it and I liked what I heard. Once we sent it to Pharrell to mix it and it came back it was fire! I knew the ladies was going to love it. We put it out and it did great. To this day, when I perform ‘Knock Yourself Out’ it still gets a marvelous response. Thanks to wax.


Jadakiss – Knock Yourself Out feat. Pharrell (Dirty Version) (2001)

Mansions On The Moon – Walk On The Moon (Aurthur Russell Cover)

Here is a new tune of Mansions On The Moon covering Aurthur Russell’s ‘Walk On The Moon’, pretty dope, check it out.

Mansions On The Moon – Walk On The Moon (Aurthur Russell Cover)

Mansions On The Moon – Walk On The Moon (Aurthur Russell Cover)


Chad Hugo Backstage Chillin’


Pharrell In The Studio With Cris Cab & Christian Rich


N*E*R*D Live At The Glastonbury Festival (2009)

Thanks to Gio.

Pharrell Has A Cameo On Sara Bareilles’ ‘Uncharted’ (Sneak Peek)

Sara Bareilles teamed up with VH1 to give fans a sneak peek at the music video for her next single, “Uncharted.” For the video, the singer got a little help from some famous friends as Pharrell, Tegan & Sara, and Josh Groban (among others) put forth their best Sara B impressions. But don’t take our word for it — read Sara’s (hilarious) explanation of the video then watch it below. “It’s awesome, if I do say so myself…but not because of me. It’s awesome because of my amazing cohorts in this who helped me remember that the journey is the destination, and following your heart will always lead you to a good place. You know, like denny’s or rite aid or something.”


‘Songs For Flight’ Will Be Kenna’s Last Album, Confirms Chad’s Alias ‘Shimmy Hoffa’

Kenna revealed last night that his third studio album ‘Songs For Flight’ will be his last to date and as we already found out by ourselves, Shimmy Hoffa is indeed Chad Hugo on his newest single ‘Chains’ which is co-written by Paul Banks. Shimmy Hoffa is a rogue character that comes from the recluse mastermind of Chad Hugo a.k.a Charles Hugo, one half of The Neptunes and member of N*E*R*D, The song is co-written by Paul Banks of Interpol. This Land 2 Air Chronicles EP series is a set-up for what may be the last Kenna album ever.’


Kenna – Chains feat. Shimmy Hoffa (aka Chad Hugo) (11′)

Alyssa Bernal – Back To December (Taylor Swift Cover)

The Cool Kids Enlist Pharrell For Debut

The Cool Kids enlist Bun B, Pharrell and Asher Roth for their long-awaited debut LP. As DX reported last week, The Cool Kids have returned to their former label home Green Label Sound to release their long-awaited debut When Fish Ride Bicycles.

Now, the Mountain Dew-founded imprint has announced more details about the Chicago duo’s highly anticipated project. Slated for a spring 2011 release, When Fish Ride Bicycles is set to feature the likes of Asher Roth and fellow Pulled Over by the Cops member Bun B. In addition, The Cool Kids have been working extensively with Pharrell Williams on finishing up the album.

“[Green Label Sound] agree with our purpose,” said Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids. “They support our sound and they just want to see it happen – no BS.” The other half of the duo Mikey Rocks also added they’re exicted “[to have] a hip platform [like Green Label Sound] to put our album out while having the creative control that we require to make something crazy.” The Cool Kids also released the first single off their oft-delayed debut earlier today. The track, titled “Bundle Up,” is available for download at Green Label Sound’s website.


Pharrell Finds Freedom In N*E*R*D

N*E*R*D was never meant to make or break Pharrell Williams. Sure, two of the band’s first two albums have sold gold, 2002’s “In Search Of…” and 2004’s “Fly Or Die,” but that pales in comparison to the multiplatinum success The Neptunes have reached by producing for stars like Jay-Z, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Meanwhile, N*E*R*D’s last two LPs, “Seeing Sounds” and “Nothing,” haven’t come close to reaching gold, but the group now arguably reaches a wider audience than it did in its early years. So how exactly does N*E*R*D measure success these days?

“I would say for me, we did ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno’ [a while] ago—everybody in the audience, they seemed like they were engaged, but it was one person in the middle of the audience who was going the f**k off,” Shae told “I was just like ‘wow.’ I don’t know if she knew about N*E*R*D prior to our performance, but whatever it is, she’s feeling it and that‘s what keeps it going.” While The Neptunes have taken part in their share of formulaic hits over the years, N*E*R*D prides itself on pushing the envelope. Pharrell is thankful that being safer with The Neptunes has earned him the freedom to be edgier with N*E*R*D.

“At this point N*E*R*D has just become this giant traveling art show,” Pharrell told “We have just been, you know, making what it is that we wanted to make, and we had a label that would support it, but there’s not a lot of people that have that freedom. I mean, definitely now it’s time to go pay the bills—gotta put out some hip-hop, but there’s not a lot of understanding chairmans out there that wanna support the art form. “


Kenna – Chains feat. Shimmy Hoffa (aka Chad Hugo)

Here is the first tune of Kenna’s Land 2 Air Chronicles instalment titled ‘Chains’ produced and featuring Shimmy Hoffa (aka Chad Hugo). ‘Chains’ is part of Kenna’s new 3 EP 3 song series, Land 2 Air Chronicles (L2A). The series will precede his upcoming 10 song LP, Songs For Flight. “Based on Emerson’s ‘Self-Reliance’ essay, the Land 2 Air series is a check into reality and a decision to not have your aspiration be held back by anyone or anything. L2A I : Chaos And The Darkness is the first chapter in the series and depicts the struggle to break free of the ‘Chains’ that keep us from our vision coming to life or taking flight.”

Make sure to check out Kenna’s new Gear with Land 2 Air Chronicles : Chaos and the Darkness EP, Official Kenna “Nothing is Greater or Less Than Us” Logo Tee, Official Kenna “Nothing is Greater or Less Than Us” Logo Flexfit Hat, Official Flight Crew Coach Jacket and Nothing is Greater or Less Than Us” Clear Vinyl Sticker on his site.

Kenna – Chains feat. Shimmy Hoffa (aka Chad Hugo) (11′)


Patrick Stump – Big Hype feat. D.A Wallach & Driis

Composer, lead singer, and multi-instrumentalist Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump will release his first debut studio EP titled ‘Truant Wave’ as a digital download on iTunes. This is his first release as a solo artist, although the album features guest artists. The EP is an advance of the release of Stump’s full length album, Soul Punk. Here is a preview of one of the tracks titled ‘Big Hype’ featuring D.A Wallach & Driis. Max did the string arrangement on this, as well.

Patrick Stump – Truant Wave (EP) (2011)
01 – Porcelain feat. Alph-A-Bit
02 – Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)
03 – Cute Girls feat. Om’mas Keith
04 – Love, Selfish Love
05 – As Long As I Know I’m Getting Paid
06 – Big Hype feat. D.A. Wallach & Driis


N*E*R*D x UNDFTD x Puma


Travis Barker – Come N’ Get It feat. Clipse (Video)

Shot by DanTheMan on a Xbox Kinect.

Travis Barker – Come N’ Get It feat. Clipse (Full), Travis Talks ‘If You Want’ Collabo

The full tune just dropped off Travis Barker’s newest mixtape ‘Let The Drummer Get Wicked’, I’ve managed to remove the bloody DJ, his album Give The Drummer Some (2011) is due March 15, download the mixtape below.

Travis Barker – Come N’ Get It feat. Clipse (11′)

DJ Whoo Kid recently did an Interview with Travis Barker where he talked about his collabo, “If You Want,” that he did with Lupe & The Neptunes for his upcoming album “Give The Drummer Some” and how it happened at 06:20.

Travis Barker – Let The Drummer Get Wicked (2011)
01 – Can A Drummer Get Some feat. Swizz Beatz, Game, Lil’ Wayne & Rick Ross
02 – Come N’ Get It feat. Clipse (The Neptunes)
03 – Never Holdin’ Me Back feat. J. Cole
04 – Detroit feat. Royce Da 5′ 9” (Havoc)
05 – Joaquin Phoenix feat. Lupe Fiasco
06 – Perfect Match feat. Lloyd Banks & Fabolous
07 – Old Dirty Bastard Skit
08 – Nymphomaniac feat. Wyclef & Jim Jones (The Haitian Super Heroes)
09 – Champagne feat. Wiz Khalifa
10 – Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M. (Hail All Masons)
11 – Me Against The World feat. Tony Yayo (Cookin Soul)
12 – Something feat. Big K.R.I.T.
13 – My Homeboyz feat. Wacka Flocka
14 – Hard Liquor feat. Tech N9ne (Dr. Dre)
15 – Drum Roll Please feat. Killa Kyleon
16 – Snap feat. Too $hort
17 – Big Nut Bust feat. Big Sean
18 – Hard Shit feat. Three 6 Mafia
19 – Napalm feat. Xzibit

Total Size: 68,91MB


Keri Hilson – Black Cloud (Full) (08′)

Here is finally the full version of ‘Black Cloud’ which apparently is a leftover now off Keri Hilson’ second studio album No Boys Allowed (2010), thanks to Neptunian. This is actually a demo recorded for Alesha Dixon, Ex-member of UK Garage girl group Mis-Teeq produced by Chad Hugo, for her 2nd Studio album The Alesha Show which came out in 2008. It was also supposed to be a single.

The Sun actually wrote about Alesha being in studio with Chad Hugo three years ago but afterwards the article got deleted or has been untraceable at that time, so I thought that’s just another spoof of The Sun but I was wrong. “Alesha has also recorded a new single, Black Cloud, due out in October (2008). The song was written by Chad Hugo who also produced the track as half of The Neptunes.”

Keri Hilson – Black Cloud (08′)

Keri Hilson – Black Cloud (Alternate Version) (08′)


Jennifer Lopez – Love? (2011)

Jennifer Lopez’s seventh studio album ‘Love?’ just leaked and surprise surprise, The Neptunes track that wasn’t supposed to be on her album will be on it, I guess that was her only single that really charted. ‘Fresh Out The Oven feat. Pharrell & Pitbull (#1 US Dance) (Single) (October 7, 2009)’

Jennifer Lopez – Fresh Out The Oven feat. Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez – Love? (2011) (March 29)
01 – Good Hit
02 – Hooked On You
03 – On The Floor (The Lambada Song) feat. Pitbull
04 – Villian
05 – Story Of My Life
06 – Louboutins
07 – Everybody’s Girl
08 – Starting Over
09 – One Love
10 – Fresh Out The Oven feat. Pitbull (The Neptunes)
11 – Greatest Part Of Me
12 – Run The World feat. The-Dream & Rick Ross
13 What Is Love
14 – Until It Beats No More

Natasha Ramos – Dysfunctional

Natasha is singin her song Dysfunctional in the car, pretty good, thanks to goobersnatch.

Alyssa Bernal & Jared Evan In The Studio (Updated)

Updated: February, 16th (2011)

According to Alyssa’s Twitter, she’s about to collaborate with Jared Evan probably for Jared’s Debut album and since The Neptunes have 3 tracks on his album it’s save to say that she’ll be on one of Neptunes tracks.


Jared Evan – Fourth Chapter
* Show Me Some Love (Former N*E*R*D Track)
* Black Clouds
* + 1 Track

Malice Speaks On Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked


Pharrell Williams x The New Age Article

Pharrell Williams: a one-man heatwave. Pharrell Williams pouts. Like a girl. But it’s so darn sexy when he does it that he gets away with it. It’s Saturday night, the Standard Bank Arena in Johannesburg is packed and beads of sweat are trickling down people’s foreheads.

If the golden circle wasn’t like a furnace we’d blame the sweat on Skateboard P’s hotness. N*E*R*D are setting up when a subtle “uh huh” comes through the booming arena speakers. He’s only testing if the mic is on but the screams in the building threaten to pierce the cochlea. It’s almost time. When Hansa Pilsener announced they would be embarking on a Legends In The Making tour featuring some of Mzansi’s musos, many were intrigued. When they announced that Pharrell Williams would be the headline act for the last show of the tour, every girl in the land went mad.

You see, the frontman of hip-hop rock band N*E*R*D is a hit-making producer, singer and designer whose face is, as Gabrielle Solis would say, “proof of God’s existence.” OK, perhaps that is a bit far-fetched but Pharrell is so fine that I swear a few journos” hearts stopped for a few seconds when he sauntered into the press conference with N*E*R*D singer Shae Haley close behind him. The third member of N*E*R*D, Chad Hugo, had chosen to stay in Virginia with his family instead of being here, we are told. Pharrell’s look seems effortless with a white tee, blue jeans and a fresh pair of Nike Jordan III with the classic cement grey colourway.


The Tens: 10 Delayed Hip Hop Albums And If They Were Worth The Wait

8.) Clipse – Hell Hath No Fury
Scheduled Release Date: 2004

Clipse‘s debut, Lord Willin’ earned a gold plaque from the hit single “Grindin,” but their follow-up Hell Hath No Fury suffered from a series of delays. Once the group’s home of Arista Records dissolved into Jive Records—a successful pop and R&B spot, but a label infamous for mishandling of rap acts like Mystikal and Mobb Deep—then Clipse was S.O.L. for the next couple of years. While Clipse’s We Got It 4 Cheap mixtape series with Re-Up Gang helped hold fans over, Hell Hath No Fury took so long that the duo sued Jive for the numerous delays. On HHNF’s single “Mr. Me Too,” Pusha T famously says, “These are the days of our lives, and I’m sorry to the fans, but them crackas wasn’t playin’ fair at Jive.”

Official Release Date: November 28, 2006
As far as sales and Billboard success go, Hell Hath No Fury didn’t reinvent the wheel: it topped out at 14 in the US Billboard 200, 2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and it didn’t meet any RIAA gold or platinum certifications. But the combo of The Neptunes‘ minimalistic backdrops and Pusha T and Malice‘s sharp, cold-hearted rhymes fueled the album to receive their most critical acclaim to date, garnering a classic rating in XXL magazine and not much lower scores in other publications.


Highlights From BMI’s ‘How I Wrote That Song’ (2011)

A panel discussion spiked with performances, BMI’s “How I Wrote That Song” was moderated by Catherine Brewton, BMI Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations, thanks to U!

BMI’s ‘How I Wrote That Song’ With Chad Hugo On Feb 12

Travis Barker – Come N’ Get It feat. Clipse (Behind The Scenes)

Here is a Behind The Scene of the video shot to Travis Braker’s second single ‘Come N’ Get It‘ featuring Clipse produced by The Neptunes, thanks to fael.

Travis Barker – Come N’ Get It feat. Clipse (Snippet) (11′)