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May 2011

Pharrell Will Launch New Brand ‘I Am Other’ This Fall

The musician and fashion mogul has paired up with branded entertainment producer United Entertainment Group to launch I Am Other as a content-driven property that spotlights new musicians, filmmakers, designers, artists and innovators through online, mobile and retail channels, TV shows and films.

Venture is being formally introduced to marketers Tuesday as they’re gathered in Gotham to choose which TV shows to advertise around this fall. I Am Other is courting those same sponsors. It’s designed around products and experiences that Williams will curate and recommend to his millions of fans and followers for them to purchase.

I Am Other will also bow this fall, fitting in with the media planning of buyers at the upfronts. Given the various platforms I Am Other will embrace, Williams and UEG have adopted a lofty tone in describing the concept that emphasizes “championing the creative spirit” by providing opportunities that let consumers “establish their voice.” “We’d like I Am Other to serve as a giant magnet attracting the most creative individuals who share our view of things,” said Jarrod Moses, prexy-CEO of United Entertainment Group, which is backed by United Talent Agency. “We will find those people and tell their stories in a way that inspires others to dream bigger and go further.”

Launch comes as both Hollywood and Madison Avenue are increasingly frustrated over how to effectively reach younger consumers — especially those 16-25 – and identify new ways to make their wares appeal to that audience. While I Am Other will produce and distribute content, it will also tap into new commerce models like Gilt and Groupon that have proved successful while drawing on the social networking of Facebook and Twitter. Venture’s name taps into a new type of consumer that is turning to experiences and stories that help define them as individuals, said Williams said in an interview with Variety from a yacht off the shores of Cannes, where he performed with Kanye West over the weekend at a soiree for film financier Red Granite Pictures.


Chad Hugo & Fonzworth Bentley

Pusha T. – Blow (Official Video)

Directed by Mike Carson & Mike Waxx.

Pharrell Williams Performs At Cannes Party

Pharrell Williams opened the event with a 20-minute set introduced by a massive fireworks display. The shindig, organized by new-to-the-scene movie financing group Red Granite, was an audacious hello to the movie industry and attracted a huge Saturday night crowd of gawkers outside of the event, straining to get a glimpse of the Carlton beach party situated opposite Cannes’s landmark hotel.


Fam-Lay – Beach Cruiser (Chad Hugo) (Snippet)

Here is the newest Fam-Lay tune called Beach Cruiser produced by Chad Hugo from the ‘Turn Your Brain Off’ instalment.

Khaled – Good Girls (Cris Cab Cover)

Check out the newest video of Khaled from Dubai, where he covered Good Girls by Cris Cab.

Khaled – Let’s Get Blown/Beat Goes On/Provider (Cover)

Pharrell’s Floating Studio

Jamie Foxx & Pharrell Williams


Daniel Merriweather Worked With Chad Hugo For Debut Album In 2007

According to the Herald Sun, Chad Hugo has been involved in Daniel Merriweather’s first studio album ‘Love & War’ released on 1st June 2009 but he didn’t make the final cut. Clive Davis, one of the music industry’s most powerful men, had a few tips for Daniel Merriweather. Firstly, Davis, who oversees the careers of Justin, Christina and Whitney, suggested Merriweather, a singer from the Dandenong Ranges, sign to his label, J Records. Then Davis prescribed lyric changes to a song Merriweather performed for him in a boardroom audition. Slight hitch: the song was Stevie Wonder’s hit, Lately. “He gave me criticism on the second verse,” Merriweather says, chuckling.

“I had to say: ‘With all due respect, that’s actually a Steve Wonder song and one of the more famous ones’.” Merriweather took Davis’ first recommendation. Now, the boy who got average music grades at Blackburn High School is working on his debut album with Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse), Mark Ronson (Robbie Williams), Jack Splash and Chad Hugo Chad is out there and evolving,” Merriweather says. “Every time you hear another beat, it’s a rebirth of what he was doing.”


Taco Bell Commercial Features Chiddy Bang’s ‘Good Life’

Here is a new Taco 12 Pack commercial which features music by Chiddy Bang with ‘Good Life’ produced by Pharrell. You can be the life of the party because you brought what everyone wants, a 12-pack of Crunchy Tacos boxed up for just $10, thanks to BGPrep.


Pharrell In Cannes

Pharrell Williams attends the Red Granite Party during the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Carlton Beach on May 14, 2011 in Cannes, France.

Pharrell With Pedro Winter


Alyssa Bernal x Article

Rising Star 2011

The twenty year old Texas girl knows how to cover all her bases. She sings about wanting to move to California, but says she still loves San Antonio. She built her early fanbase by posting cover versions of popular songs on YouTube, and now she’s in the studio collaborating with the same kind of famous artists she once covered. And while she’s got music industry heavyweight Pharrell Williams in her corner, she’s kept her own mother and brother involved in her career as well.

Welcome to the world of Alyssa Bernal, whose current single “Cali Cali Cali” merely scratches the surface of her upcoming debut album. So just why is she singing about the west coast? “Because it’s three digit degree weather here in the summer in San Antonio,” she jokes. “The song’s about reminiscing and relaxing and there’s beautiful weather. Laying back, being someone you’re not.”

The slick, breezy, radio friendly song comes a long way from her YouTube roots, which saw her posting covers of songs from artists like Rihanna and Sara Bareilles which were sufficiently low-fi recordings that they made it clear that her flawless singing voice was in fact hers and not some studio creation. It was those recordings that got the attention of Pharrell Williams – who was intent on reaching her via whatever method necessary.


Alyssa Bernal’s ‘Rad Pack’

*RADisRAD* Free shirts!
RADisRAD turned Alyssa Bernal into an owl!
Official release: Wednesday May 11, 2011

Alyssa Bernal
Chester See
David Sides
Erika David
Joseph Vincent
JR Aquino
Leejay Abucayan


Maxine Ashley – Price Tag (Jessie J Cover)

Malice x Cy-Magazine Interview

For Malice, of the Clipse, they also write. With his first book, “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked”, Malice recounts his story with little inhibition. Though the book covers parts of his professional life with The Clipse and working with producers The Neptunes, its power lies in his personal history and the strength themes he covers: drugs, depression, racism, and ultimately faith. This book, he claims, is not a departure from the content of his raps but a cathartic expression of his longtime belief and the lessons he has learned along the way. I was able to meet with Malice (Gene Elliott Thronton Jr.) in Hyde Park, Chicago to talk about his book, its messages, and his process.

Alfred Bridi: We’re here to talk about your new book, “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked”
Malice: Crazy title ain’t it? [laughs]

A: It is.
M: Yeah there’s a lot going on. The book really, describes a wild ride that I went on. A wild time in my life where…I was in a crisis man.

A: In the book drugs come up, racism, AIDS and depression, but it all leads to one sort of key message centered around faith…
M: Well my faith is in Christ, so I wanna be very clear on that. That’s where my hope comes from. To see things that are happening a long time ago still happening today that let’s me know that that book (the bible) is very much true, current and relevant.


Natasha Ramos – Dysfunctional (Official Video)

Here is the Official Video to Natasha Ramos’ Dysfunctional .

The Mixtape (2011)

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has send his music to us. The is a community of people from around the world who have been brought together by one thing, The Neptunes. This site has a lot of talented contributors & readers who have risen to become world famous. From Drake to Tyler, The Creator and many more. So we’ve decided to showcase some more of our members work, as they edge closer to their big break. Remember where you heard it first !

From over 120 submissions we whittled it down to this final tracklist. So here is finally the first instalment from this site and I hope it won’t be the last one! The contributors that made it on the Mixtape are DanG aka Electro Valentino & Mari aka Marigosa, Cylla aka Cyllistic (Danjahands Protege), Nana Rogues (Fam-Lay’s producer), Andrei, AlSween (Akon’s Producer), Flip Bundlez, BG Prep, NewEraOG, PatPreezy aka Patrick Pryor, Fer Da Lash & Alvinio aka Solemnly, Kawie, Aaron & U aka Mavis (producers of youtube senstation Durand Bernarr) and myself Tha Freakness.

We dedicate this to Pharrell & Chad.

The Mixtape (2011)
01 – Tha Freakness – Intro
02 – DanG & Mari – Mr. Skate N’ Love
03 – Cylla – Twillight
04 – Nana Rogues – My Oyster
05 – Andrei – Big Lights (Interlude)
06 – AlSween – Amazon
07 – Tha Freakness – Virtuality
08 – Flip Bundlez – Go Go
09 – Cylla – Tape This Shit
10 – BG Prep – Teriyaki Chicken
11 – NewEraOG – Opium
12 – PatPreezy – BFF
13 – Solemnly (Fer Da Lash & Alvinio) – Smooth Attention
14 – Kawie & Tha Freakness – Education Phreak Out
15 – Mavis (Aaron & U) – Green
16 – Andrei – Outro

Total Size: 78,06MB

Pharrell Talks Bionic Yarn, Reveals Bionic Yarn Theme

Go green as the creative duo behind Bionic Yarn, brand ambassador Pharrell Williams and founder/CEO Tyson Toussant, talks to us about products produced by using fibers collected from recycled plastic bottles. Some Bionic Yarn collaborations include Timberland, Kiehl’s, Moncler, GAP Japan and UK 40th Anniversary Fall/Winter 2010 collection, and Endstar. The music you hear in the background is produced by Pharrell and has probably been made for the Bionic Yarn Advertise, click below for the download link. “If you build smart and shop smart, you’re living smart. It’s Bionic,” says Pharrell, thanks to joney2157 and BGPrep.


Pharrell – Bionic Yarn Theme (11′)

Kenna x Suite903 TV Interview

Kenna is not a well-known face in music. He’s released two critically-acclaimed albums, written music for Ashlee Simpson and was even a one-time protégé of Fred Durst. And yet, his face is not recognizable as say Chris Brown’s. His mug has never been splashed on Pepsi cans and even in music videos, he prefers to appear veiled, shadowed or distorted. In an interview with Suite903 TV, Kenna explained that he prefers to let his art speak for itself, rather than spend his energy on trying to be a salesman.

“There’s no mystery in this life anymore. Everybody’s trying to sell something and I’m really not. You either love me for what I make or you don’t and I’m cool if you don’t, at the end of the day,” Kenna said. Kenna has recently released the first EP Land 2 Air Chronicles I: Chaos and the Darkness. The track “Chains,” produced by Chad of The Neptunes is serving as the lead single of the EP, thanks to Simon.


Wiz Khalifa Talks Pharrell

For many Wiz Khalifa fans, the MC’s major label debut “Rolling Papers” felt like new territory. While fans were excited to hear new music, the musical transition from the “Black & Yellow” MC’s 2010 “Kush And OJ” mixtape to his major label debut “Rolling Papers” felt drastic. The Pittsburgh, PA MC admitted to shifting from his creative direction on the record but for a reason. Pharrell Williams is also joining the list of producers working with the A-list MC, however Wiz doesn’t want the collaboration to be in name only.

“Anybody that I get with, I want to make my own connection with them. I’m going to be working with a lot of different people on the new album,” he said. “I’m working with Pharrell, but Pharrell is known for what he’s known for. But when he gets with me, I want it to be a unique sound where it’s like, ‘That’s that Pharrell and Wiz shit.’ ”


Karmaloop TV Welcomes Pharrell To The Family

Pusha T. – Open Your Eyes (Official Video)

Produced by Nottz, Directed by Orson Wells (Shahan Jafri & Alex Germanotta)

Kenna – Static (Live At Tainted Blue Studios) (May 5th)

Awesome performance right there.


Jay Sean In The Studio With Pharrell

Jay Sean tweeted this Friday that he “Landed in MIAMI!! I love this place”. and that he was “About to make history”.  He later tweeted, “Leavin Miami now, after a sick studio session with Pharrell..Get ready it’s about to get crazy,” So this studio session was probably for his next album, look in the background behind Dru on the screen, looks like they’re watching something by Nirvana/Kurt Cobain, ain’t it. Kamaljit Singh Jhooti better known by his stage name Jay Sean (30), is a British singer-songwriter, rapper, beatboxer and record producer of Indian origin. He debuted in the Asian Underground scene as a member of the Rishi Rich Project in 2003.

This led to him being signed to Virgin Records and having two UK top 10 hits as a solo artist in 2004. Since the end of 2008, has he been signed to Cash Money Records. In 2009, his American debut single “Down” topped the Billboard Hot 100, making him the first solo artist of South Asian origin and first UK urban act to top the Hot 100. It was the seventh-best selling song of 2009, having sold more than three million digital copies in the United States and six million copies worldwide, making him the most successful British/European male urban artist in US chart history.


Cris Cab x Interview

Cris Cab discusses “Good Girls“, jamming with Pharrell Williams and so much more in this exclusive interview with In this digital day and age where social media numbers reign supreme, it’s nearly impossible to find true talent on YouTube. Every once in a while, an artist will embrace that platform and ultimately catapult him or herself out of the stream and onto the stage. Cris Cab is about to do just that in a big way.

Cab has gone from vibrant reggae-tinged acoustic covers of Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow” and Kanye West’s All Of The Lights” to recording infectious original tunes with hip hop and pop impresario Pharrell Williams. One track, “Good Girls“, hops with spritely, spirited summer bounce. Cab’s voice exudes a refinement beyond his 18 years, baring a soulful power. The track shows that Cab’s on the road to greatness. Cris Cab talked to editor and Dolor author Rick Florino in this exclusive interview about “Good Girls“, working with Pharrell Williams and so much more… What’s the story behind “Good Girls”?
Cris Cab: That song is about a relationship I had a while ago, and it’s also about what a lot of guys go through. It really came together when these two producers from Philadelphia vibed with me. We put the puzzle together pretty easily then.


Pharrell Joins New Karmaloop TV Network

Pharrell Williams is expanding his focus to include a new TV network aimed at the online generation. Karmaloop TV said Monday that Williams has been named creative director for the network scheduled to launch later this year. Karmaloop will feature original productions along with movies that have shaped the 18-to-34-year-olds who grew up with the Internet.

The Grammy-winning Williams, who has created hits for Jay-Z, Britney Spears and other stars, will have a significant equity position in Karmaloop TV, according to the company.

In a statement, Karmaloop CEO Greg Selkoe said Williams will help create a brand that will get “cutting-edge youth culture” excited about TV, as MTV did in the 1980s. Williams, frontman for the rap-rock trio N*E*R*D and half of the production duo The Neptunes, said the “progressive youth culture” is underserved by what’s available in the marketplace. Karmaloop TV is an outgrowth of Karmaloop, a 10-year-old website that sells streetwear brands from around the world, and online KarmaloopTV. Katie McEnroe, former president of the AMC cable channel, is head of Karmaloop TV.


Lil’ Scrappy – Grustle feat. Pharrell (Full)

Here is the full version of Lil’ Scrappy’s Grustle‘ which will be available on his  upcoming second studio album ‘Tha Grustle’, thanks to flipbundlez. Dope tune, funny hook though.

Lil’ Scrappy – Grustle feat. Pharrell (11′)


Kelis – Milkshake (DJ Dias 82 Remix)

Check out this nice Milkshake 80′s remix by DJ Dias, its pretty good !

Kelis – Milkshake (DJ Dias 82 Remix)
-> SaidBezari

Pusha T. Speaks On Tyler, The Creator Collabo

When Tyler joined Pusha T. on the set of ”My God”, many questioned if the pair were working together. Turns out they are and The BVX got the skinny on their upcoming collaboration. “I’m keeping a couple of those joints from the first mixtape but added other joints and other features. We got some surprises. Ye is there. Odd Future’s there. That’s a couple gems. The beat just sounds so demonic. But I actually have to give it an [official] title. I tweeted the news the other day, when I finished it. I think we got one. It’s the three of us – Tyler, Hodgy Beats and me.” said Pusha T.

Tyler’s such a fan, came to our video and said, ‘Yo, I have three beats that I made for you … and just know they’re for you. Please … hear it.’ He sends them over … I was like this is aight, this is aight, but the third one. He said, ‘I put a verse on it and Hodgy put a verse on it.’ [You're] gonna be so amazed at the marriage, some things don’t always mesh man. But these guys are super-super talented. I can’t wait for the world to see each of our talents collide.”


Pharrell Williams & Maxine Ashley At Kidada Jones Party

Kidada Jones’ style regularly emanates timeless glamour so it’s fitting that she has an affinity for princesses. She channeled her love of fairy tale style into her latest collection, Kidada for Disney. The collection is comprised of 38 pieces including jewelry and t-shirts featuring such princesses as Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana and Sleeping Beauty. Jones told the iconic female characters offer more than just entertainment.

”The characters are heroines,” she said. “They’ve endured terrible things and toughed it out. It’s also about empowerment for women.” Jones celebrated the launch last night at Mondrian hotel alongside father Quincy Jones, sister Rashida Jones, Naomi Campbell, Pharrell Williams and Samantha Ronson. Ronson DJ’ed and Pharrell protege Maxine Ashley performed while guests mingled and enjoyed Crumbs cupcakes.


Gloria Estefan: ‘We’ve Got No Sex, But A New Baby’ recently chatted up Gloria Estefan about her new album, and the legendary Cuban singer revealed that several of her collaborations with Pharrell, will be in español. “It’s mixed. Pharrell actually wanted more and more Spanish and that’s what we’ve done,” she explained. “We really used English where we wanted English and Spanish where we thought it fit great.” “We tried to do this in 1976 and it was a little too early for that, so hopefully it’ll be OK,” she says of her highly anticipated new bilingual album. Estefan says she and Pharrell have been working hard on the new album for several months. “I think we’ve got no sex, but a new baby between Pharrell and I,” joked Estefan. “And I’m really excited for it to come out!”


Pharrell & Co. At The Met Ball

Last night, McQueen was honored at the annual Met Costume Ball in celebration of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty. Among the stars and satellites in chic clothes were a few men who took a step one for the team in terms of the representation of menswear at the event. Hamish Bowles, Vogue magazine’s Contributing Editor, was clad in head-to-toe tartan, perhaps in homage to McQueen. Bowles’ magazine mate Andre Leon Talley arrived in a billowing caftan-djellaba type robe, a signature look he rocked in royal blue.

John Legend (and Bowles) was one of the only males who wore McQueen, showing up in a traditional tux. Ditto Pharrell, Kanye and Jay-Z who was dressed in a tux with a white jacket. Marc Jacobs and his business partner Robert Duffy both donned kilts, also a nod to McQueen who did more for the Union Jack and tartan than a whole lot of folks combined. Pharrell wore a Yves Saint Laurent Tux.


Manami Records New Song ‘Best Friend’

Manami has been really busy these days working in the studio for her debut album which is scheduled for later this year with contributers such as The Neptunes, Nigo and more. She recently recorded a new song titled ‘Best Friend’ produced by Kadota D.


Kiehl’s X Pharrell Williams

Maxine Ashley x Article

Will YouTube Star Maxine Ashley Become the Next Justin Bieber?
Pharrell Williams has reportedly signed YouTube star Maxine Ashley to a record deal with Star Trak / Interscope. The announcement has since created comparisons between Maxine Ashley and Justin Bieber, who only a few years ago launched his career via YouTube after catching the attention of Usher and Justin Timberlake. Bieber, who is widely known as a teen heart-throb and pop sensation, ultimately signed with Usher. Maxine Ashley has what it takes to get noticed by the likes of Pharrell, so will she become the next Justin Bieber?

Maxine Ashley, who hails from the Bronx, credits hip hop, rap, pop, and soul music among her influencers on her official YouTube page. She’s turned heads with her covers of songs by the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Drake, Bruno Mars, and, yes, even Justin Bieber. To look at her is to know you’re dealing with a force to be reckoned with. She breaks conventions with her edgy style, which boasts half a head of bright pink hair and a plethora of jewelry. And she rocks it. In the summer of 2010, Ashley lent her vocals to Italian DJ Alex Guadino’s hit, “I’m in Love.” The song went to #1 on the UK Upfront Club Charts and earned its share of play in clubs all over.


Mz Munchie – We Got Music (New Single)

She’s Back! Just off of the tours of Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Lauryn Hill, and Alicia Keys, She’s ready to take a piece of that stage for herself. Mz. Munchie aka Latrelle has been hard at work finishing her album on AMI Record Group which she co-owns with her mom (Grammy award winning song writer and vocal Producer) Aleese Simmons and there partner European Tour Promoter and Sound Guru Ruedigar Lanz of Lanz Audio. Mz Munchie born Andrea-Latrelle Simmons, got her start quite early, writing songs in her teen years for artists like Destiny’s Child, Next and Monica. Determined to pursue a career in music she began recording her own music.

With her momager at her side she showcased at Montana studios in New York, which lead to several labels (Sony Columbia, Motown, Def Jam, Warner Bros, La Face, Island and Yab Yum) courting the young star. Then she met Kenny Babyface Edmonds who signed her and her mom to a publishing deal at Edmonds Music Publishing, and was impressed enough to introduced her to L.A. Reid, and push for Arista to sign the young talent. L.A. Reid met Latrelle and was so impressed he offered her a contract on the same day. Which led to her inking a deal with Arista. Although her Album was never released the majority of the album had been leaked. With many songs produced by The Neptunes, the album was praised heavily giving Latrelle an on-line fan base.

She has since then performed, recorded and /or written with an A-List of Producers and Artist such as Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston, Baby Face, Mary Mary, The Neptunes, Ludacris, Trina, Monica, R. Kelly, T.I., Natalie Wilson, Shaggy, Rodney Jerkins, Soul Shock and Karlin, Tone and Polk, Allstar, Amadeus, Dutch and so many more. She just released her single along with the remixes on Itunes, and she has just been added to Billboard top 40 Dance Charts and ganning adds! Click Here to get the new single.

Mz Munchie – We Got Music


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