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October 2011

Usher In The Studio With Pharrell

Usher has been in the studio with Pharrell this morning, probably working on some new muzika. “Answer: in the studio y’all! “@UsherRaymondIV: @Pharrell…what up P?”


Pusha T Talks ‘Raid’, Says He Passed On Hit Boy’s ‘N**gas In Paris’ Beat

Pusha T is featured in the newest Sneeze Magazine issue where he talked about The Neptnes produced ‘Raid’ which featured 50 Cent amd he also revealed that he passed on Hit Boy’s “N–gas In Paris” beat.

Sneeze: “Raid” the song you have with 50 and Pharrell is crazy. A lot of people feel like 50 is in vintage 50 form on that record.
Pusha: I called Pharrell and said, “Yo, if you go back in with him and you make about seven more of those type of tracks you’re going to be responsible for something that’s monumental.” People don’t know that 50 Cent is like my favorite. Lyrically he’s not my favorite artist, but as a whole he’s my favorite artist. No one has done what he’s done in such a short time. What I always wanted 50 Cent to do was to get with all top-tier super-producers — Just Blaze, Kanye West, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, put out an album like that.

Sneeze: You were around for some of the Watch The Throne sessions, were there any beats on that album that you passed on?
Pusha: “Niggas in Paris!” [Laughs.] I tell people all the time that I don’t know if I would’ve attacked it that way which means the record might not have been as special once I got on it.

Sneeze: Wow, that’s interesting.
Pusha: ‘Ye gave me beats and that was in the bunch. “Niggas in Paris” was playful to me and I was in demonic rap mode. I was like, “Yo, I don’t want this right now,” he was like, “Man, this will be a club smash,” and I’m like, “Maybe, but don’t ask me to wrap my brain around that when I’m writing stuff like ‘My God,’ which is another Hit Boy beat.”


Pusha T. – Raid feat. Pharrell & 50 Cent (11′)

Kenna’s ‘Kharma Is Coming’ To Air On ‘How To Make It In America’

Kenna – Kharma Is Coming

Kenna will be featured this Sunday on HBO’s How To Make It In America with his tune ‘Kharma Is Coming‘ from his Land 2 Air Chronicles I – Chaos & The Darkness (EP), Thanks to Plaxxx.


Diggy Gives Props To Mentor Pharrell Williams

The teen star shares advice he received from Pharrell. By Brooklyne Gipson.
Being the heir to hip-hop royalty that he is, Diggy Simmons isn’t necessarily in need of any career role models. However, that didn’t stop the 16 year-old rapper from seeking out career guidance from one of today’s most influential stars, Pharrell Williams. At iMentor’s annual benefit Wednesday evening [October 26], Diggy shared some of the things he’s learned from the Grammy Award winning producer. “One of my mentors is Pharrell Williams. He has taught me that a lot of times, younger people, when they are in a predicament, say that they have nothing,”

Diggy told attendees. “He told me that you can make something out of what you think is nothing. You just have to believe in you. He has taught me to be me.” The event, held at New York City’s Mandarin Oriental, celebrated the work that the philanthropic organization has been doing to pair local underserved high school students with positive mentors. iMentor theorizes that mentorships will help program participants to succeed in their colleges and careers. Representatives like Diggy serve as examples of that.


Pharrell’s Photo Session With Markus Werner (April 2011)


Pusha T Speaks on His Obession With Wrestler ‘Ric Flair’

Pusha T explains to why he sampled Ric Flair on his new song, “What Dreams Are Made Of”… Pusha T says if wrestling legend “Nature BoyRic Flair didn’t mind spending on dames, why the hell should he? On his new song “What Dreams Are Made Of,” the lyrical grappler tells he wanted to give his fans a round of “supreme baller shit talking.” “Sell that pussy to me./ I’d rather buy it baby./Look at your purse, you need the help./ You can’t deny it baby,” he raps on the chorus. “I don’t want it free baby,” Pusha laughed on the phone yesterday. “I don’t. Flair didn’t want it free.” Pusha says he’s been a fan of Flair since the National Wrestling Association days in the 1980s. One of Flair’s patented boast worthy interviews is used at the top of “What Dreams Are Made Of.”

“I loved wrestling,” Pusha explained. “I was a fan of Dusty Rhodes. My dad sat me down and was like ‘Yo, why you like him? Look at him! He has that big tumor on him. He looks disgusting. You supposed to like [Flair].’ I was like, ‘Why dad? He’s the bad guy.’ My dad said ‘who’s cleaner? Who’s fresher?’ Essentially he was saying ‘You don’t wanna muse Dusty Rhodes buddy.’ Ever since then I have been a Ric Flair fanatic. “I felt the song was fitting,” he added, further delving on why he chose to the almost-20-time World Heavyweight Champion on his record. “The hook spoke in level of arrogance. I was trying to match a Pusha arrogance of what Flair would do. That’s why I put him at the top.” “What Dreams Are Made Of” will be included on Pusha’s Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray EP out on November 8 on Def Jam Recordings.


Gloria Estefan – Miss Little Havana (Behind The Scenes)

Here is a behind the scene of Gloria’s second single Miss Little Havana produced by Pharrell from her new album also titled ‘Miss Little Havana‘ which is out now on iTunes.

Robin Thicke Moves Album to December, Readies Lil’ Wayne Single

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton

Robin Thicke is not quite ready to take the battlefield. The soul man has delayed the release of his fifth album Love After War to December. The follow-up to 2009’s Sex Therapy, previously scheduled for November 15, will now arrive on December 6. He will face off with albums from Nicole Scherzinger, Bow Wow, Taio Cruz, The Roots, and T-Pain.

The title track is currently available at digital retailers and a video has been shot with director Hype Williams. Thicke is also reuniting with Lil’ Wayne on his next single “Pretty Lil’ Heart,” which goes to iTunes on November 8. In addition to Weezy, he has been in the studio with Faith Evans and Pharrell. “You get to that point where you hate it and then you love it,” Thicke said of his new music. “It’s just like any important relationship in your life.”


Robin Thicke – Love After War (2011) (December 6)
Confirmed Tracks:
* All Tied Up
* Love After War
* I’m An Animal
* Pretty Lil’ Heart feat. Lil’ Wayne
* Mission
* Untitled (The Neptunes)
* Untitled feat. Usher & Maxwell
* Untitled feat. Faith Evans

T.I. Speaks On Working With Pharrell

The King Of The South has seemingly been everywhere since his release from prison and in an interview with 97.1 AMP Radio T.I. revealed a few collaborations he has done over the last few weeks and also spoke on plans to work with Andre 3000. “Man, I got music popping off. I got about 40 songs so far, and recording every day,” T.I. said. “Me and Jeezy got a hot record, me and Akon got a record… Most of them is just me.”Me and B.o.B got about two or three records, me and Pharrell got a few records, just sent a record to Andre 3000 to see how he gon’ feel about getting on it.” Me and Cee Lo were just in the studio last night, so there are more possible collaborations.”


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