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October 2011

Usher In The Studio With Pharrell

Usher has been in the studio with Pharrell this morning, probably working on some new muzika. “Answer: in the studio y’all! “@UsherRaymondIV: @Pharrell…what up P?”


Pusha T Talks ‘Raid’, Says He Passed On Hit Boy’s ‘N**gas In Paris’ Beat

Pusha T is featured in the newest Sneeze Magazine issue where he talked about The Neptnes produced ‘Raid’ which featured 50 Cent amd he also revealed that he passed on Hit Boy’s “N–gas In Paris” beat.

Sneeze: “Raid” the song you have with 50 and Pharrell is crazy. A lot of people feel like 50 is in vintage 50 form on that record.
Pusha: I called Pharrell and said, “Yo, if you go back in with him and you make about seven more of those type of tracks you’re going to be responsible for something that’s monumental.” People don’t know that 50 Cent is like my favorite. Lyrically he’s not my favorite artist, but as a whole he’s my favorite artist. No one has done what he’s done in such a short time. What I always wanted 50 Cent to do was to get with all top-tier super-producers — Just Blaze, Kanye West, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, put out an album like that.

Sneeze: You were around for some of the Watch The Throne sessions, were there any beats on that album that you passed on?
Pusha: “Niggas in Paris!” [Laughs.] I tell people all the time that I don’t know if I would’ve attacked it that way which means the record might not have been as special once I got on it.

Sneeze: Wow, that’s interesting.
Pusha: ‘Ye gave me beats and that was in the bunch. “Niggas in Paris” was playful to me and I was in demonic rap mode. I was like, “Yo, I don’t want this right now,” he was like, “Man, this will be a club smash,” and I’m like, “Maybe, but don’t ask me to wrap my brain around that when I’m writing stuff like ‘My God,’ which is another Hit Boy beat.”


Pusha T. – Raid feat. Pharrell & 50 Cent (11′)

Kenna’s ‘Kharma Is Coming’ To Air On ‘How To Make It In America’

Kenna – Kharma Is Coming

Kenna will be featured this Sunday on HBO’s How To Make It In America with his tune ‘Kharma Is Coming‘ from his Land 2 Air Chronicles I – Chaos & The Darkness (EP), Thanks to Plaxxx.


Diggy Gives Props To Mentor Pharrell Williams

The teen star shares advice he received from Pharrell. By Brooklyne Gipson.
Being the heir to hip-hop royalty that he is, Diggy Simmons isn’t necessarily in need of any career role models. However, that didn’t stop the 16 year-old rapper from seeking out career guidance from one of today’s most influential stars, Pharrell Williams. At iMentor’s annual benefit Wednesday evening [October 26], Diggy shared some of the things he’s learned from the Grammy Award winning producer. “One of my mentors is Pharrell Williams. He has taught me that a lot of times, younger people, when they are in a predicament, say that they have nothing,”

Diggy told attendees. “He told me that you can make something out of what you think is nothing. You just have to believe in you. He has taught me to be me.” The event, held at New York City’s Mandarin Oriental, celebrated the work that the philanthropic organization has been doing to pair local underserved high school students with positive mentors. iMentor theorizes that mentorships will help program participants to succeed in their colleges and careers. Representatives like Diggy serve as examples of that.


Pharrell’s Photo Session With Markus Werner (April 2011)


Pusha T Speaks on His Obession With Wrestler ‘Ric Flair’

Pusha T explains to why he sampled Ric Flair on his new song, “What Dreams Are Made Of”… Pusha T says if wrestling legend “Nature BoyRic Flair didn’t mind spending on dames, why the hell should he? On his new song “What Dreams Are Made Of,” the lyrical grappler tells he wanted to give his fans a round of “supreme baller shit talking.” “Sell that pussy to me./ I’d rather buy it baby./Look at your purse, you need the help./ You can’t deny it baby,” he raps on the chorus. “I don’t want it free baby,” Pusha laughed on the phone yesterday. “I don’t. Flair didn’t want it free.” Pusha says he’s been a fan of Flair since the National Wrestling Association days in the 1980s. One of Flair’s patented boast worthy interviews is used at the top of “What Dreams Are Made Of.”

“I loved wrestling,” Pusha explained. “I was a fan of Dusty Rhodes. My dad sat me down and was like ‘Yo, why you like him? Look at him! He has that big tumor on him. He looks disgusting. You supposed to like [Flair].’ I was like, ‘Why dad? He’s the bad guy.’ My dad said ‘who’s cleaner? Who’s fresher?’ Essentially he was saying ‘You don’t wanna muse Dusty Rhodes buddy.’ Ever since then I have been a Ric Flair fanatic. “I felt the song was fitting,” he added, further delving on why he chose to the almost-20-time World Heavyweight Champion on his record. “The hook spoke in level of arrogance. I was trying to match a Pusha arrogance of what Flair would do. That’s why I put him at the top.” “What Dreams Are Made Of” will be included on Pusha’s Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray EP out on November 8 on Def Jam Recordings.


Gloria Estefan – Miss Little Havana (Behind The Scenes)

Here is a behind the scene of Gloria’s second single Miss Little Havana produced by Pharrell from her new album also titled ‘Miss Little Havana‘ which is out now on iTunes.

Robin Thicke Moves Album to December, Readies Lil’ Wayne Single

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton

Robin Thicke is not quite ready to take the battlefield. The soul man has delayed the release of his fifth album Love After War to December. The follow-up to 2009’s Sex Therapy, previously scheduled for November 15, will now arrive on December 6. He will face off with albums from Nicole Scherzinger, Bow Wow, Taio Cruz, The Roots, and T-Pain.

The title track is currently available at digital retailers and a video has been shot with director Hype Williams. Thicke is also reuniting with Lil’ Wayne on his next single “Pretty Lil’ Heart,” which goes to iTunes on November 8. In addition to Weezy, he has been in the studio with Faith Evans and Pharrell. “You get to that point where you hate it and then you love it,” Thicke said of his new music. “It’s just like any important relationship in your life.”


Robin Thicke – Love After War (2011) (December 6)
Confirmed Tracks:
* All Tied Up
* Love After War
* I’m An Animal
* Pretty Lil’ Heart feat. Lil’ Wayne
* Mission
* Untitled (The Neptunes)
* Untitled feat. Usher & Maxwell
* Untitled feat. Faith Evans

T.I. Speaks On Working With Pharrell

The King Of The South has seemingly been everywhere since his release from prison and in an interview with 97.1 AMP Radio T.I. revealed a few collaborations he has done over the last few weeks and also spoke on plans to work with Andre 3000. “Man, I got music popping off. I got about 40 songs so far, and recording every day,” T.I. said. “Me and Jeezy got a hot record, me and Akon got a record… Most of them is just me.”Me and B.o.B got about two or three records, me and Pharrell got a few records, just sent a record to Andre 3000 to see how he gon’ feel about getting on it.” Me and Cee Lo were just in the studio last night, so there are more possible collaborations.”


Kenna In The Studio Working On ‘Land 2 Air Chronicles II’

Kenna in the studio working on his second EP ‘Land 2 Air Chronicles II’


Austin Brown Talks The Neptunes Collaboration

Austin Brown was doing a live chat on XBox celebrity chat this morning and forum member John Parsons asked him if it was true that he was working with Pharrell in which he replied: “Yeah we worked this summer.. It wasnt only a dream come true for me but Pharrell dramatically helped me find more of myself in my music.. He told me things I needed to hear and Im so thankful for that”. John also asked Austin what kinda sound they had created and Austin replied ‘ straight musical that’s all I can say’. Austin is woking on his debut album right now titled ’85′. Thanks to John Parsons for the news.

Austin Brown Working With The Neptunes

Big Sean – Get It (DT) feat. Pharrell (The Olympicks Remix)

Big Sean’s entire album gets the remix treatment by DJ Mo Beatz and Adidas, scrapping all the No I.D. beats for the likes of Cardo, Bei Maejor, Drumma Boy, The Olympicks, Xaphoon Jones, KeY Wane, DJ Bonics and including The Neptunes track Get It (DT) remixed by The Olympicks. You can get the whole mixtape Here.

Big Sean – Get It (DT) feat. Pharrell (The Olympicks Remix) (11′)

Big Sean – Get It (DT) feat. Pharrell


Chad Hugo As A Interviewew

Chad Hugo Interviews Notts, Kid Icarus, D.N.A., Stone House, Yvonne Aleksich and Matt McGrath at a night club.


Ab Liva & Pusha T. – She Will (Freestyle)

Here is a new Freestyle by Ab Liva with Pusha T over the She Will beat.

Ab Liva & Pusha T. – She Will (Freestyle)


Jadakiss – Rock With Me feat. Teyana Taylor (Behind The Scenes)

This is the ‘Official Behind The Scenes’ of Jadakiss’ Rock With Me featuring Teyana Taylor at the Blue lounge in blue point NY out in long island epic night, Nnamdi Franks of Whatsintv made the behind the scenes . shout outs to all the models, directors, and artist that came through.


Inspirational Clip Of The Week: Pharrell’s Words Of Wisdom (HQ)

This is the original version of Pharrell’s Inspirational Video uploaded by AlexWMusic on Youtube, but it’s been ripped by different people after that, so the real credits goes to alexwmusic.


Pusha T Talks New Clipse Album, Confirms The Neptunes As Producer

Pusha T has been recently interviewed by where he talked about a new Clipse record which is still untitled yet and confirms The Neptunes and Kanye West as the first contributors on the new album which will be released on Re-Up Gang/G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam. “I’m still working out the title. I feel like I’m just trying to find the perfect title, and I could have easily gone in the realm of the Clipse saga of album titles. I’ve thought of so many great ones, but I feel like this should be something different.” Check out below his newest leak of the Fear Of God Part II mixtape “What Dreams Are Made Of” and make sure to bookmark Pusha T’s official site Can’t wait for that new Clipse album, and especially a comeback by Malice! EGHCK!

Pusha T – What Dreams Are Made Of


Asher Roth – Another One Down (Simlish Version) feat. D.A. Wallach (Preview)

The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack (PC Trailer)

Check out this new version of Asher Roth’s Another One Down which is called the Simlish Version featuring D.A. Wallach from the The Sims 3 Pets Expansion Pack PC Trailer.


Pharrell Comfirms Being On Mary J Blige’s New Album, Talks Jay-Z/The-Dream Collaboration


Pharrell Is Writing A Book, Collaborates With Ambra Medda & Mark McNairy, ‘Billionaire Girls Club’ Due Spring 2013

Ambra Medda & Pharrell/Billionaire Girls Club

Pharrell recently met up with at Thursday’s National Design Awards to talk about what recently impressed him visually and some future projects besides music. Williams singled out a futuristic Kuala Lumpur house, and three in Singapore The Sun House, The Fish House, and The Tangga House — that he recently spotted in a book, and reveals that he is a big fan of Alber Elbaz, Marc Jacobs and Marc Newsom’s Aquariva design for speedboat maker Riva. “Every Comme des Garçons show is just perfection and Alber Elbaz is a genius, too. So is Marc Jacobs. I am so inspired by each one of them.

Mark McNairy

They are totally imaginative. I wish to be that way one day.” Pharrell also revealed that he plans to launch Billionaire Girls Club in spring 2013 as well as collaborating with Mark McNairy, the former creative director of Ivy League on shoes that will be released at the end of February 2012. Last but not least, the only thing that Pharrell hasn’t done yet is writing a book and that’s exactly what’s he’s doing right now. He is working on a book with Ambra Medda, co-founder and director of Design Miami and Design Miami/Basel“Places & Spaces I’ve Been.”


Pharrell Attends The 2011 National Design Awards In NYC

Pharrell attends the 2011 National Design Awards Gala and Ceremony at Pier 60 on October 20, 2011 in New York City.


Pharrell Introduces His New Artist Buddy With His Debut Freestyle

At just 18-years-old, Compton native Buddy is signed to Pharrell’s I Am Other, and here’s the debut video from the young rhymer, “Awesome Awesome,” produced by The Neptunes. Pharrell Williams has had his hand in plenty of hits from a number of huge artists throughout the years, and now he’s focusing on cultivating another star. Meet Buddy, an 18-year-old Compton native, signed to Star Trak. “My homeboy Scott Vener [music supervisor for Entourage, How To Make It In America, 90210 and more] came to the studio one night, and he showed me a video,” Pharrell told “I saw this kid freestyling over ‘Flava in Ya Ear,’ and he shot his own video to it, and I was buggin’ out. A) what’s he know about an instrumental like that? B) why is he dumbin’ all over it?”

That was a couple years ago, shortly before Buddy’s 16th birthday. The two met a few days later, and not long after that, the partnership began. “I’m tryna set up a movement,” said Buddy, who’s now in college. “I’m really trying to put out a bunch of good music that’s positive and stay fun. [I'm] coming from Compton, with the reputation along with it, and I just wanna start anew. Show them a whole ‘nother side of the city. I grew up around it, but I didn’t grow up in it.” Pharrell is confident that the up-and-comer will make his presence felt. “The way he thinks, and his ability to articulate that is just—I hadn’t seen anything like it,” Skateboard P said. “I was like, man, this guy, he is I Am Other. He’s not some ordinary child. He’s a kid that thinks outside of the box. He’s on his way to being one of those super special artists.” Above, you can check out Buddy’s debut video, “Awesome Awesome,” with an appearance by Pharrell and produced by The Neptunes. —Adam Fleischer


Buddy – Awesome Awesome (2011)

The Neptunes x Vibe Article From 2000

Check out this awesome article about The Neptunes when they started to blow up in the Music Industry talking about their upcoming projects. Thanks to darrenlaking.

Out Of This World: The Neptunes
The Neptunes might have the most diverse résumé of any production team in history. Who else cranks out remixes and hits for R&B singers like Kelis, hip hop artists like Jay-Z, rockers like Limp Bizkit, and unclassifiable geniuses like Prince? Teddy Riley discovered The Neptunes in 1992 after they performed in a talent show at Princess Anne High School in Virginia Beach, VA. At the time, Pharrell Williams was playing drums and rapping while his partner, Chad ‘Chase’ Hugo, played keyboards. The two began producing tracks for Blackstreet’s debut album and haven’t had much downtime since. Upcoming projects include work on Jennifer Lopez’s next CD and a solo project for Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against The Machine. “We’re doing a lot more rock now,” says Williams. Lenny [Krawitz] is interested, so that’s where my head is right now.”

The Neptunes Unforgetable Collaborations:

Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Got Your Money feat. Kelis (1999)

Hugo: “When he wrote the first verse, it took him a while to write. We had the beat rolling for a long time. The next thing you know, he was like ‘Okay! I wanna do vocals,’ And he rushed the engineer and the sound guy to get the tape ready. They rolled the tape and he said the first line, and that was it. The he said, ‘Stop the tape.’ He was revved up to get the track done, and then he just stopped. He ended up finishing it later, but it was cool because he vibes on his instinct. You always hear about him in the news, and that’s how he works too-spontaneously.”

Jay-Z – I Just Wanna Love U (Give It To Me) feat. Pharrell(2000)

Hugo: “Jay called and we flew out to New York and made the beat.”
Williams: “I wanted the track to reflect attention on old soul music and where it came from. I was thinking of Curtis Mayfield. Jay-Z liked it and laid the vocals right there. It happened real quick, and Jay laced it crazy. He’s one of those artists who just keeps on progressing.”

Mystikal – Shake Ya Ass feat. Pharrell (2000)

Hugo: “We met Mystikal in L.A. and did a song together for the Any Given Sunday soundtrack. He was feeling us and he wanted to work with us again.
Williams: “On this song, I was singing the chorus like Eddie Kendricks from The Temptations. If you like Mystikal, get some old Temptations records; hear what inspired me.”

Sade – By Your Side (The Neptunes Remix) (2000)

Hugo: “They gave us the original song for that and wanted us to do the music, but it was, like, 76 beats per minute, so we ended up speeding up the track a lot and gave it a whole different vibe. Originally, it sounded like some Aaron Neville country song, but when you hear it now it’s on some funky jazz vibe.”

Guru – All I Said feat. Pharrell & Macy Gray (2000)

Hugo: “Guru was doing Jazzmatazz record and wanted someone to sing on the track we presented. So we got Macy, with her trademark voice, and she came on and blessed it. She’s very talented. Some people judge her by her squeaked-out voice, but I think she’s real creative and vibed out. She really made that song crazy.”

Kelis – I Don’t Care Anymore feat. Pharrell (2001)

Williams: “She gets it . All we had to do was rearrange the original Phil Colins song, and she came in and did her thing, looking cute. She came prepared but didn’t even know what she was gonna hear. It was cool.”

504 Boyz – D-Game feat. Pharrell & Terrar (aka Pusha T.) (2000)

Williams: “We were out in L.A. doing a remix for Prince at the Record Plant, and originally had Q-Tip on the track. Master P was at the pool table talking shit to one of my boys. He was saying he was good, but we doubleteamed him and beat him that game. I said, “Why I never got a beat on you?” And he told me, “I got my boys to do my own shit.” Then he came in the room, listened to a beat I had, and he liked it. We just did it right then on the spot!”

Perry Farrell – Glory (2000)

Hugo: “Rock people are different. He’s clean now, but he told us stories about being in Jane’s Addiction when he was wacked out, standing in the middle of the street, tripping out with the guy who invented LSD. When we were in the studio, he brought in his little Roland Groovebox and he was freaking that thing! He’s from rock ‘n’ roll and there he was making techno tracks in the middle of our rock-hip hop session.”


T.I. – Hear Ye, Hear Ye feat. Pharrell On iTunes, Official Cover Revealed

T.I.’s latest single ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye’ is now available on iTunes, so make sure to cop that tune, thanks to Borsboom.


T.I. – Hear Ye, Hear Ye feat. Pharrell (11′)

Alyssa Bernal – Soaking Up The Sun (Live At The BETA Records Studios)

Alyssa Bernal visits the BETA Records Studios and performs her newest hit “Soaking Up The SunBETA TV - is a nationally syndicated (146 U.S. cities) weekly music centric TV series filmed and produced in the heart of Hollywood, showcasing at least 3 acoustic artist videos from newly signed and Indie bands in episode format. BETA emphasizes educational and pop culture segments and in-house produced music videos using the best vintage analog recording gear (Telefunken, Neve, Studer, RCA, Trident, etc) combined with the modern sounds of its instrument sponsors such as Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Sabian Cymbals, Gibraltar Hardware, etc. Filming at the BETA Studios occurs Tue-Thur of every week.


Lupe Fiasco Gives Update On CRS Project With Kanye West & Pharrell

Fans have long awaited the release of CRS (Child Rebel Soldier), a special project from Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell, but the project has not manifested after about four years. The outlook on the super group’s feature is bleak, according to Fiasco, who said an album wasn’t likely. “Um, probably not. I don’t foresee it. I don’t know,” he said in an exclusive interview with Chicago rapper proceeded to explain, at length, how things have progressed since the trio released “US Placers” in 2007.

Lupe continued: “Everybody has their different approaches. Do you want a CRS album or do you want a ‘Friend of the People‘ mixtape or do you want a ‘Food and Liquor 2‘ or do you want… It’s like, you know, you can’t do all of it. And then with CRS I have to get Pharrell on the same page and get Kanye on the same page – is it something that we even still want to do, you know? It was something that we maybe thought about doing 3 or 4 years ago. 3 or 4 years later, is that something that we still want to do?”

On several occasions, it seemed like the highly-sought opus would release new material to no avail. Lupe Fiasco did leave a sliver of hope for fans. “It ain’t on me, it ain’t on Lupe,” he continued. “There’s three other people that’s involved; three different record labels; three different kinds of systems and management and all this other kind of stuff involved. So, creatively I’m always down to collaborate but, this particular thing, I don’t know.”


Alyssa Bernal x Interview

By Liz Kelly Nelson
Alyssa Bernal’s path to pop stardom has been a little unusual, but hardly unheard of. Like Justin Bieber, she got her start uploading covers of songs to YouTube, where’s she’s now one of the top 30 most-subscribed to musicians on the video-sharing site. Last week, Alyssa released the single “Soaking Up The Sun” from her new self-titled EP. We caught up with Alyssa and she was kind enough to answer our Celeb Slam Book questions. Read on to find out more about the 22-year-old singer/songwriter.

Tell us one thing the general public doesn’t know about you:
I was a competitive cheerleader for 11 years.

Describe your daily routine:
Wake up, brush teeth, shower etc, check my email, play with my dogs, try and get it a little cardio in, If I’m not too lazy at the moment. Then maybe play around on my guitar and get inspired to write a song. Run some errands. Have a random jam session and photo shoot just for fun. Then do some gigs if I have any that evening. Nothing too crazy yet!

If you had to choose another career, what would you be?
Probably something in fashion. Like, designing clothes. Or maybe even a small business; like a bookstore or coffee shop!


Malice At The Signing Tour In Howard University Howard University, A Prophet Without Honor

Malice has been very busy promoting his new book Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked all over the country including the Howard University, Audio Book is now available for pre-order at and Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind & Naked available at all fine book retailers & at Make also sure to check out Malice newest Video ‘A Prophet Without Honor‘ below.

A Prophet Without Honor



Foster The People – Life On The Nickel (Mansions On The Moon Remix)

Here is a new Mansions On The Moon Remix by Foster The People remixing Life On The Nickel and according to Mansions’ next EP Lightyears arrives in November, and it’s been executive produced by Pharrell.

Foster The People – Life On The Nickel (Mansions On The Moon Remix)


Buddy – Awesome Awesome (Official Video)

Fakgodamn dopeass video right there by the newest Star Trak signee Buddy with his first single ‘Awesome Awesome‘ , this needs Tyler, The Creator to murder it on the Remix and you got there the next Star Trak generation.
\\// 2011 ->

Buddy – Awesome Awesome (Official Video)
Directed By Jason Beattie.

T.I. & Pharrell Talking About ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye’ On Funkmaster Flex Radio Show

T.I. was at Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex Show to premier his new song ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye‘ with Pharrell calling in to talk about how they create the tune from their session from 3 weeks ago, sounds promising, check it out below, thanks to darrenlaking.

T.I. & Pharrell Talk About ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye’

T.I. – Hear Ye, Hear Ye feat. Pharrell (11′)


Young Dose In The Studio With Pharrell

Young Dose in the studio With Pharrell at the Hit Factory working on some muzika, thanks to nerd0016.

Pharrell Williams On X Factor (Day 2)

The new show from Simon Cowell, X Factor has premiered here in the United States, and fans are thrilled with the results. Much talent has been discovered, and it is apparent that the winner of the show will be someone who has talent, and that has the potential to become the next big star. On the newest episodes of the show, Pharrell Williams joined Paula Abdul to act as a guest mentor to help her decide which acts should move forward to the next phase of the competition. As Digital Spy reports, Pharrell Williams said of X Factor: “You look in the eyes of every last one of those kids and they all want it so bad.

I look at The X Factor and it really reminds me of what we’ve always had in our hearts in N*E*R*D – really not accepting no for an answer and kind of shoving the yes down the throats of the powers that be.” Advertisement Each judge on the show was assigned a group of hopefuls, and Paula Abdul’s group was that of the “groups,” and there is much talent represented on the show. It was also obvious that the opportunity to pursue their dream of becoming a star is something that is not only important, but also something that they are hoping will turn into a reality.


The Neptunes In The Studio With Nelly

has been in the studio with Nelly to work on some new material, probably for Nelly’s seventh studio album.


Nigo x The Observer Interview, Talks About His New Brand ‘Human Made’

The Founder of Bathing Ape on how the web killed the ‘Fashion Walk’ and why vintage Americana is the future with his new project, Human Made by Peter Lyle. Tomoaki Nago aka Nigo, was one of the three centrak figures in a scene that began in one small Tokyo shopping district in the early 1990s. In the 20 years since, it has gradually come to inform the way fashion of all kinds is bought and sold around the world. Under the tutelage of his mentor, the original street style obsessive and collector Hiroshi Fujiwara, and alongside his friend, future Undercover designer Ju Takahashi, Nigo came to Tokyo in the late ’80s, after high school, at a time when the certainties and career structures of Japan’s postwar boom years were already beginning to unravel. Instead of becoming standard salarymen, Nigo and Takahashi found themselves studying magazinecraft and indulging their adolescent obsessions to become DJs, consultants and cool-hunters, whose fashion advice columns soon won them an ardent teen following. They opened their joint boutique, Nowhere, on April Fool’s Day, 1993, in Harajuku, Tokyo – a short walk from Yoyogi Park, which the city’s teen style tribes used to cross to come shopping on weekends, parading their famously theatrical outfits and allegiances (mountain witches, bloodstained medics, Gothic Lolitas and all that) along the way.

Arguably, though, the new shop also represented the beginnings of the end of all that overly fantastical fashion, as a detail-focused fetishisation of product and its real-world history or scarcity superceded it. Nigo’s strength was a curatorial approach ro the recent past combined with a compulsive collector’s understanding of what made shoppers sick. T-shirts were hung on white walls like modern art and limited-edition trainers were displayed in glass vitrines. Small-run collaborations between like-minded brands in the district energed as a clever new way to generate press coverage and street buzz. Finally, in accordance with this museum-like mindset, selected second-hand designer pieces were recast as something even better and more expensive than new: they were now vintage. In the following years, these innovations were echoed in the wider fashion world. Luxury Western fashion brands who’d lost their edge and grown naff since the ‘70s got their groove back by becoming more exclusive in their distribution and arty and subtle in their ads. (And then, later, by rediscovering the treasures in their archives.)