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January 2012

Odd Future’s Syd & Matt Martians Talk About The Neptunes Forum (Again)

Syd & Matt Martians

Once again, Odd Future has been mentioning our The Neptunes Forum where they all linked up. The duo Syd & Matt Martians have been interviewed by the to talk about their first album Purple Naked Ladies that came out this past December and that has brought them newfound and well deserved fortune and fame. They have been also asked where they all meet up, and the duo gave us props by saying that Matt “and Tyler used to lurk this Neptunes Grindin Forum. It’s one of those forums that only like super duper fan boys know about.

There’s not actually a name for it so it’s like people would share music because we were all a select like 30 people on it that all knew each other from just being on the Internet. So, I met him through there and we just liked the same music. I believe when somebody has similar music taste as you, you tend to get along with them. When music is being made it tends to be a lot easier because you get their influences and they get the things you’re trying to do.” said Matt. It is really an honour to get recognized by the whole Odd Future Team all the time when they’ve been asked how they all linked up, we appreciate all the love y’all giving us, thanks to nick|dork.


Cris Cab’s ‘Echo Boom’ Release Party, Ticket Giveaway

Cris will be headlining SOB’s next Tues, Jan 31. The first person to e-mail with their name and favorite Cris Cab song will win a pair of tickets to see him live. To guarantee you’re in the building for the show, get your tickets Here.”


Get Up On This #25 With D.A. Wallach, New Chester French Album in 3/4 Months

Musician and all-around genius D.A. Wallach joins Jensen (and Matty) to talk about Chester French, Rick Ross’s auction pick-up, Supa Dups, Q-Tip’s Spotify lists, Cabin In The Woods, Battle Royale on Blu-Ray, Ezra Klein, The Triangulation Blog, Asher Roth’s Pabst & Jazz, Thinking Fast and Slow, Hero Go Pro, how we’re ate on Archer, Louis CK & Drake, and many other things you should know about and the new Chester French album will come out in about 3/4 months according to D.A.

Get Up On This #25 With D.A. Wallach (Starts From 13:20)


Robin Thicke: ‘I’d Love To Do A Duet With President Obama’

Count Robin Thicke among those who think President Barack Obama killed it when he sung Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” … in fact, Robin told last night he’d jump at the chance to sing alongside the Prez. Obama dropped a few notes of the classic song (see below) during an event Thursday night. TMZ spoke with Al Green, who was in attendance, and he called Obama’s singing “terrific.” Al Sharpton took it a step further yesterday, when he told our photog he thought Barack’s singing would be good for re-election. Maybe Al could be his running mate.

President Obama Sings Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together


Cris Cab’s ‘Echo Boom’ Cover

This is the cover of Cris Cab’s new mixtape titled Echo Boom which is due January 31st.


Cris Cab – One Thing (Extended Mix) (Pharrell Williams)

This is the extended mix of One Thing produced by Pharrell Williams, thanks to Borsboom.

Cris Cab – One Thing (Extended Mix) (12′)

Updated: January 7th
Here is the first tune produced by Pharrell titled ‘One Thing’ for the I Am Other signee Cris Cab for his first Mixtape ‘Echo Boom which will be available for download on January 31st, check out the tune below.

Cris Cab – One Thing (Pharrell Williams) (12’)


Teyana Taylor Talks , Star Trak, Pharrell, Record Deal, Rumors & More With The Breakfast Club

With the recent release from Pharrell’s Star Trak record label, Teyana Taylor stopped by Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club to discuss her departure. Teyana also spoke on all the Internet rumors and bad press she gets and how her family deals with it. And for those who don’t know what she does, she also elaborates on her many hustles including singing, choreography, acting, and more.


Cris Cab – Put In Work (Wyclef & Sedeck Jean)

Here is a new track by the I Am Other artist Cris Cab titled Put In Work produced by Wyclef & Sedeck Jean off Cris Cab’s new mixtape Echo Boom which is due January 31st and make sure to check out the Making Of video of Put In Work below.

Cris Cab – Put In Work (Wyclef & Sedeck Jean) (12’)

Cris Cab – Put In Work (The Making Of…)


Mansions On The Moon – Athens (P. Williams)

Shae Haley’s band Mansions On The Moon are getting ready to drop their EP Light Years, executive produced by Pharrell Williams, very soon and are giving fans previews of what’s to come on the album including the allegedly Pharrell produced tune titled Athens that just came out on the net, but doesn’t sound like a Pharrell production, check it out below, thanks to Plaxxx.

Mansions On The Moon – Athens (P. Williams) (12′)


Teyana Taylor’s Switch It Up (Full) & I Feel Alive (Spinnin’)

Teyana Taylor

Despite Teyana Taylor’s s announcement that she is leaving Star Trak Entertainment or already did two days ago, I’ve decided to check out once again the internet if there are any new music or even video footage by Teyana Taylor where she performs all Three Neptunes Tracks she did for her debut album ‘From A Planet Called Harlem‘ that was supposed to come out in 2008. The album has been pushed back several times and in the end it’s been shelved. The Neptunes tracks are Switch It Up, I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) and Kisser.

Teyana Taylor, Verbal & Pharrell

And indeed there are new (old) footage of Teyana Taylor performing Switch It Up At The Apollo from 2008 and I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) in Amsterdam from last year. We’ve never heard I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) before but had Switch It Up but never the full version and in good quality, all we need now is to hear Kisser which essentially was planned as the official first single according to MTV, who knows Teyana will maybe release all the stuff that didn’t make it on her new EP (due February 29), you can download the tunes below.

Teyana Taylor – Switch It Up (Live At The Apollo) (2008)

Teyana Taylor – I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) (Live In Amsterdam) (1:31-2:20)

Teyana TaylorFrom A Planet Called Harlem (Studio Session) (2009)
Producers & Guests: Hit Boy, The Neptunes, Jazze Pha, Bangladesh, Mad Scientist, Kelis, Frost, Shondre, Six Sense…
Confirmed Tracks:
- Color Me Pink
- Young Girl feat. Eve
- Translation
- Traffic Stop
- Google Me (Jazze Pha)
- Complicated
- Switch It Up (The Neptunes)
- Good Enough
- Naah Mean
- Rock Star (Jazze Pha)
- I Feel Alive (Spinnin’) feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes)
– Kisser (The Neptunes)


Kenna’s Unplugged Session At The Tainted Blue Studios

Kenna was at the Tainted Blue Studios last May where he performed Sunday After You and Static unplugged, they’re pretty awesome, check them out below, thanks to Plaxxx.

Kenna – Sunday After You (Unplugged)

Kenna – Static (Unplugged)


Kendrick Lamar & Pharrell In The Studio (January 18th)

“Along with Jay Rock, K-Dot is currently back in the lab with Pharrell working on some new music.”




More Studio Time With Maxine Ashley


Pharrell & Supa Dups


Mike Posner Borrows Pharrell’s Keyboard To Cover Rick Ross’ ‘Stay Schemin’

R&B singer Mike Posner, whose soulful sound is a bi-product of his love for Hip-Hop, released a video featuring an acoustic cover of the new single from Rick Ross’ mixtape, Rich Forever. The track, “Stay Schemin,” originally features rappers French Montana and Drake and has made a big splash on both the Internet and radio since its release. However, French and Drake do not appear on this version of the song as you will see below, but Posner friend and guitar player, Blackbear, does.

Regarding how the “Stay Schemin” interpretation came to fruition, Posner exclusively told “I was in Miami the last two weeks working with Pharrell, and after I would finish recording, I would kick it with Rozay at his crib. Rick [Ross], French [Montana], and I went to the club one night in Miami, and I saw the reaction people had to “Stay Schemin”, even though it had only been out for a day. That made me fall in love with the song, and I knew Blackbear and I could put a fresh spin on it.” “Shout outs to Pharrell for letting me borrow his keyboard in the making of,” he continued, while laughing.


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