Syd & Matt Martians

Once again, Odd Future has been mentioning our The Neptunes Forum where they all linked up. The duo Syd & Matt Martians have been interviewed by the to talk about their first album Purple Naked Ladies that came out this past December and that has brought them newfound and well deserved fortune and fame. They have been also asked where they all meet up, and the duo gave us props by saying that Matt “and Tyler used to lurk this Neptunes Grindin Forum. It’s one of those forums that only like super duper fan boys know about.

There’s not actually a name for it so it’s like people would share music because we were all a select like 30 people on it that all knew each other from just being on the Internet. So, I met him through there and we just liked the same music. I believe when somebody has similar music taste as you, you tend to get along with them. When music is being made it tends to be a lot easier because you get their influences and they get the things you’re trying to do.” said Matt. It is really an honour to get recognized by the whole Odd Future Team all the time when they’ve been asked how they all linked up, we appreciate all the love y’all giving us, thanks to nick|dork.


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