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Leah LaBelle just released an Album Sampler of her upcoming debut album that will release on I Am Other/So So Def/Epic Records. The Sampler has Five tracks including Three New Pharrell produced tracks ‘So Hot’, ‘Make Me Get Up’ & ‘Mr. Scissors’, besides Leah LaBelle’s first single ‘Sexify’. What suprises me is how good those Pharrell tunes are produced, (Bridge/Chorus/Refrain) dopeness, he really stepped his producer game up, and Leah LaBelle sounds lovely on every tune especially on ‘So Hot’. My favourite is ‘Make Me Get Up’, can’t wait for her debut album. Let me know which one is your favourite tune. Check out the sampler below, thanks to Reidkid, DJ Green & Borsboom.

Leah LabelleAlbum Sampler (2012)

  1. So Hot (Pharrell Williams)
  2. Sexify (Pharrell Williams)
  3. Make Me Get Up (Pharrell Williams)
  4. What Do We Got To Lose (JD)
  5. Mr. Scissors (Pharrell Williams)