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I’m Back, With A New PC


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Yes, thanks to you guys, I’ve finally got a new PC after 11 years, from a Intel Pentium 1 to an i5, I would like to thank all 29 Donators who donated $400 in a period time of less than 3 weeks, no one was obligated to help but people donated. Special thanks goes to Felipe G. who donated two times and Ray R. who donated freakin’ three times, I appreciate it very much from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. In order to show my appreciation to you guys, I’ve decided to release a Neptunes track on the Forum that was planned for this Christmas but will release it now, and I will Re-Up all uploads I’ve uploaded last Christmas who missed the download links for The Neptunes Discography, thats at least I can do for now for you guys, once again thank you.

The Donators

United States

  • Ray R. 3x
  • Felipe G. 2x
  • Laurin T.
  • Mary H.
  • Glitchwave
  • Nick R.
  • Tramaine H.
  • Joshua G.
  • Javon W.
  • DuRon G.
  • Elizabeth B.
  • Nicholas A.


  • Kouam T.
  • Nicolas H.
  • Jean-François S.
  • Richard S.


  • Johan R.
  • Alexander W.


  • Christopher B.
  • Florian L.


  • Alexander K.
  • Vyacheslav Z.

United Kingdom

  • Josh R.


  • Зуров А.


  • Lyubomir N.


  • Justin G.


  1. Where is the link to the forum? I tried registering on the grindin’ beta site but after i confirmed there are still not posts that I see. Can you help? I need to download the neptunes discography when you post it because I lost all of my files which were stored on a phone which is no longer working.

  2. here is the link to the forum

  3. Why does it say there are no entries?

  4. Thx to you guy!

  5. I was happy to help, I wish I could’ve done more. This website has been a part of my life for 9 years now. Thanks for everything

    Also I think I missed the track you uploaded

  6. Nick, the tune is on the forum, on the topic IM BACK WITH A NEW PC

  7. Thanks Mika, checking it out right now

  8. I’ve been registered for awhile now, and I have the same problem as SteveTrak. Are we blocked off from viewing the forum?

  9. don’t think so, we just moved to the beat version, you can get on the forum by clickin this link

  10. I don’t understand why you keep suggesting that link, the forum really doesn’t work. I tried PC, Mac (several browsers), after I logged in there is just nothing: ‘No discussions were found’.

  11. That’s right. New users can’t view the categories and topics. Mari have to fix this.

  12. Any idea when this can be fixed? I’ve tried in the past to access the forum but I have been unsuccessful.

  13. Thanks for the headsup CMP, sorry about that guys, didn’t tried it myself, I’ll try to fix that till tomorrow !

  14. Guys, i was wrong. Forum is working though. You need to active your account from the email link. Check a SPAM folder.

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