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Leah LaBelle Previews 5 Tracks Off Debut Album, 3 New Pharrell Tracks


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Leah LaBelle just released an Album Sampler of her upcoming debut album that will release on I Am Other/So So Def/Epic Records. The Sampler has Five tracks including Three New Pharrell produced tracks ‘So Hot’, ‘Make Me Get Up’ & ‘Mr. Scissors’, besides Leah LaBelle’s first single ‘Sexify’. What suprises me is how good those Pharrell tunes are produced, (Bridge/Chorus/Refrain) dopeness, he really stepped his producer game up, and Leah LaBelle sounds lovely on every tune especially on ‘So Hot’. My favourite is ‘Make Me Get Up’, can’t wait for her debut album. Let me know which one is your favourite tune. Check out the sampler below, thanks to Reidkid, DJ Green & Borsboom.

Leah LabelleAlbum Sampler (2012)

  1. So Hot (Pharrell Williams)
  2. Sexify (Pharrell Williams)
  3. Make Me Get Up (Pharrell Williams)
  4. What Do We Got To Lose (JD)
  5. Mr. Scissors (Pharrell Williams)



  1. So someone can tell me what happen to Startark??? It seems that’s it’s over and I am Other remplace it… And I see that P&Chad work more and more separately…what u guys think????
    Leah labelle is talented and beautiful…

  2. Wow these songs are great. Pharrell definitely did his thing on these tracks, lots of people saying The Neptunes fell off nonsense listen to these tracks it seems it all depends on the artist and how much they want to succeed that determines how good the beats are. As for Chad and P I’m sure when the right time comes they will be back time is just not right.

  3. In my opinion these tracks sounds really great. And I think they really have that neptunes sounds to it.
    And c’mon P when are you gonna make a solo album again? Or just a neptunes instrumentals album again.

  4. I think that P and Chad just took a slight hiatus to do what they each wanted to do, Chad is with the DJ group MSSL Command, and P is strictly producing. Chad has already claimed on Twitter that N.E.R.D. has not broken up, so thats to also say the Neptunes has not broken up. I am sure that we will have a full surprise soon, you have to think about it, promoting and producing 2 NERD albums over a span of 3 years can take a toll on you. Although I wish myself that they will get back to pushing hard production TOGETHER like Pusha T’s joint “Trouble On My Mind” (Last full Neptune Production)

  5. Leah labelle is a very talented upcoming artist. She has a beautiful voice and i know she will go far. My favorite tracks are “sexify” (first song i heard from her), so hot, and make me get up. Waiting for the album to come out.

  6. I love love Leah’s voice and I love JD and LOVE P and Chad (especially you P…that’s another story) I just think this sounds a bit too safe. Push it! More background harmonies, more to the melodies, etc. Just that little extra “oomph” that y’all always add to music is what’s missing for me. I’m excited to hear the finished product!

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