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N*E*R*D’s Nothing Pushed Back Again ‘Coming Soon’


Uhm……………… *Sad Face*

N*E*R*D – Nothing (2010)
Producers & Guests: Mansions On The Moon, Yelawolf, Kenna, Nelly Furtado, Christian Rich, Swizz Beatz…
Confirmed Tracks:
- Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado (Single)
- Party People (Single)
- Help Me
- Make You Feel Good
- Victory feat. Christian Rich
- You’re So Perfect
- I Seen The Light
- You’re The One
- Fuego
- For Sure
- The Man
- God Bless Our Soul
- Perfect Defect
- Nothin’ On You
- The Good, The Bad & The Ugly



  1. again?? this sucks -.-

  2. Whaaaaaat! Are you kidding me -_-

  3. why is any1 surprised??? when do u kno a startrak release to come out on schedule smh …..especially after i keep seein them on tweeter talkin about bein in the studio alot recently, im not shocked at all…. i KNEW IT I KNEW IT

  4. No no no!!, why why why???

  5. no way!
    AGAIN?! :( when to

    come on dudes…we’re killing ourselves waiting out here in normal people world

  6. This some fuckin’ bullshit.

  7. son of a fuckshit

  8. lol son of a fuckshit

  9. why did thy left out RADIO song,it was gud track or because Rhea was featured in the song mybe that’s why thy left it out.

  10. I think I may cry….AGAIN. In the meantime, you can always check out MY music, lol! Go to youtube and find Heartbeat AKA Timid and listen!

  11. Radio was too cliche of a song. It simply wasn’t good enough.

  12. ok we’re upset but cursing? calm down people lol

  13. CRAP! been w8ting like a fool al summer :(

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