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N*E*R*D To Reissue Debut Album ‘In Search Of…’

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N*E*R*D will reissue their debut album ‘In Search Of…’ which will include the “Electronic” and “Rock” Versions of the Album including Seven Bonus Tracks with remixes and Live Performances, check out the Tracklist below, the Reissue will be released on October 25.

In Search Of… ‘Rock Version’
01 – Lapdance
02 – Things Are Getting Better
03 – Brain

01 – Provider
02 – Truth Or Dare
03 – Tape You

01 – Run To The Sun
02 – Baby Doll
03 – Am I High

01 – Rock Star
02 – Bobby James
03 – Stay Together

In Search Of… ‘Electronic Version’

01 – Intro
02 – Lapdance
03 – Things Are Getting Better
04 – Brain

01 – Provider
02 – Truth Or Dare
03 – Run To The Sun

01 – Stay Together
02 – Baby Doll
03 – Tape You

01 – Am I High
02 – Rock Star – Poser
03 – Bobby James

In Search Of… ‘Electronic Version’ (Deluxe Digital)
01 – Lapdance
02 – Intro
03 – Things Are Getting Better
04 – Brain
05 – Provider
06 – Truth Or Dare
07 – Run To The Sun
08 – Stay Together
09 – Baby Doll
10 – Tape You
11 – Am I High
12 – Rock Star – Poser
13 – Bobby James
14 – Lapdance (Trent Reznor Remix) (Bonus)
15 – Lapdance (Freeform Reform Re-Edit) (Bonus)
16 – Lapdance (Live In Paradiso) (Bonus)
17 – Provider (Zero 7 Remix) (Bonus)
18 – Provider (Live In Paradiso) (Bonus)
19 – Rock Star (Nevins Classic Blaster) (Bonus)
20 – Rock Star (Live In Paradiso) (Bonus)


Rafito Releases N*E*R*D Cassete Tapes Concept Project (2019)

Forum member Rafael Da Cruz Souza just released his N*E*R*D Cassete Tapes Concept Project and its pretty Nostalgic! If he isn’t rocking the stage with N*E*R*D or traveling aroung the world with his girlfriend Juliana, then he probably is creating a new piece of Art, wether its true-color images combining them with natural color rendition or simply color photography of luminescence or creating his own Album Covers to various artist mostly influenced by Chad Hugo and Pharrell WilliamsStar Trak Entertainment Universe adding his own touch to it.

The Brasilian born Artist took a step back from the digital booklets and went back to the modern cassette music culture, the 80’s and created his own versions of N*E*R*D’s Cassete Tapes. Last year, National Audio sold about $5 millions worth of cassettes which pretty much means that the cassette tape is not dead yet. They’re interested in a format that most people had assumed was dead, whose revival was either a gimmick or symbolic of a hipster trend, but not the sign of a format with a future. Of course, the culture of the cassette is nostalgic and old school and people were into analog, touching things and take things to heart.

I started to think about why we stopped using them in the first place. We stopped using them because they were rendered obsolete in sound and function by CDs, which in turn were rendered obsolete in sound and function by digital music. Though, CDs and tapes shared this odd marriage, where often we’d find ourselves recording CDs to tapes so we could play them in the car before CD players entered automobile dashboards or in our Walkman players. Then I realized that if cassette tapes do make a full comeback, it’s not for my nostalgia — it’s for the false nostalgia of the generation that never had to suffer through them.

It’s because of all the romanticizing my generation gave cassette tapes that this current generation wants to bring them back. It’s the binary code and so much is lost in translation, frequencies and yet, cassette tapes are still selling and while most of the readers don’t remember using cassette tapes considering the very raw sound from it, some of us wish we could get some original N*E*R*D albums on cassette tapes. If you’re wondering how they would look like, then just check out Rafael’s N*E*R*D Cassete Tapes. The T-Shirts are also coming soon so stay tuned!





N*E*R*D To Perform At Dream Festival 2019

N*E*R*D will be performing this Saturday 22 June at Dream Festival – Triple J, Double J and Unearthed – into three stages, where you’ll cop some of the most epic live sets we’ve ever recorded. Tune in from Midday Saturday 22 June to catch legendary sets from your favourite Australian artists and some of the biggest international acts in the world like Pharrell Williams and others.


Pharrell Williams Re-Assembles N*E*R*D, Fam-Lay, Busta Rhymes & Timbaland For His New Debut Festival

With Pharrell’s debut Something In The Water Festival heading to his hometown of Virginia Beach, Va. later this month (April 26-28), the multitalent has revealed a few more surprises up his sleeve. The festival announced on Tuesday that Timbaland, N*E*R*D, Busta Rhymes and Fam-Lay will be joining Skateboard P’s ensemble of friends accompanying him on stage.

The three-day festival put together by Virginia Beach native Pharrell Williams will be at the Oceanfront from April 26-28. Organizers said as many as 25,000 people a day could attend. Last October, Pharrell Williams and his longtime manager, Ron Laffitte, met with officials from the city of Virginia Beach, Va., the Grammy-winning producer’s hometown, to pitch a new festival, Something In The Water’, that they wanted to launch this summer.


N*E*R*D – Lemon feat. Rihanna (KMB Remix) (19′)


N*E*R*D – Lemon feat. Rihanna (Decap Remix) (19′)


N*E*R*D Interview From 2003

N*E*R*D – Lemon feat. Rihanna (Singularis Edit) (19′)


Apple Uses N*E*R*D’s ‘Voilà’ For New iPad Pro Commercial

Apple just announced their new iPad Pro in their new Commercial where they’ve featured N*E*R*D’s ‘Voilà’ from their latest album No_One Ever Really Dies. This is iPad’s biggest change since iPad with an all-screen design with Liquid Retina display, Face ID, A12X Bionic chip, USB-C, Smart Keyboard Folio and a redesigned Apple Pencil, check out the commercial below.

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