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Pharrell Checks Out The Tripple Nippples Live In Tokyo

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Pharrell Williams gave The Trippple Nippples the thumbs up after a special performance at Trump Room last night. The multi-talented creative is in town putting together a documentary on Tokyo Culture for which Trippple Nippples are deservedly featured. Let’s face it – if The Trippple Nipples were from any where other than Japan they would be huge by now. Underground party icons for the past few years, they have evolved into a full-on live band experience, touring in throughout Asia as well as Europe this year. I am so happy they are getting the recognition they deserve from media outside of Japan.

Luckily inside Japan has Verbalheadlining the Angree Yung Robotz tour, which The Trippple Nipples and Mademoiselle Yulia will take to the stage for special live performances in Tokyo on the 15th July at Club Asia, Fukuoka on the 16th at O/D and Osaka on the 23rd. These performances are not to be missed! It’s time for the Angree Yung Robotz of Japan to get Amgree and start throwing more love & support at our home grown Japanese super stars! Only a couple of rehearsal photos from last night from me, it wasn’t really my show to photograph, but we’ll bring you more on what was being filmed when we hear about it.

Meet The Trippple Nippples

The Trippple Nippples – Live In Tokyo


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