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Pharrell Gets Angry


I think we all seen this video yet where Pharrell curses in front of fans , well i woulda do the same thing though, he just wanted everyone to be save. Check out this letter of a fan who was at the cocert that night.

I am an Emory Student and I was present at the NERD concert where Pharrell spazzed out. In his defense he had all the right to spaz out! He ordered barricades to be moved so the audience can get closer to the stage. Right as the barricades were being moved the crowd stormed towards the stage putting everyone as risk of being injured. Pharrell simply wanted to give the people removing the barricades a chance to remove them safely. The students in the crowd did not listen to Pharrell’s orders of stepping back and giving the faculty a chance to remove the barricades. He pleaded with the students several times before spazzing out on them. He later apologized to the students for his language and gave an amazing show. I have been at Emory for 4 years and this by far has been the best concert. There was a lot of energy, crowd surfing, and an overall great performance by NERD!!!!! Imad A.



  1. He let his mask slip…I’ve seen that before trust me.

  2. i would have done the same thing people are idiots at these shows…pharrell was right in cursin them out to move they were def ruining the show for everyone….

  3. Pharrell is a douchebag and an asshole. Not many people know this, but he’s a really mean person. He puts on a “Mr. NiceGuy” face but, in actuality, he’s mean little curmudgeon. This was just the tip of the iceberg

  4. day after day im loosin my respect for pharrell.
    beats are gettin cheaper, behavior is pathetic.
    wake up p!

  5. did you guys even read what the text said? he was trying to make sure that everyone was safe…and was yelling because they actually WERE ruining the show. that seems like a pretty cool guy in my book. what was he supposed to do? calmly say please move back and expect a bunch of rioting drunk kids to move? yea…riiight

  6. I agree with ‘yo mama’. I was actually talking to my mate about it the other day. Pharrell is rapidly slipping. All his latest beats have been wack as hell. Stupid joke bassline, percussion and one note synth. I HATE it. We need the ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ Pharrell back.

  7. i SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO agree with yomomma what the f is goin on

  8. yo mama says:
    May 4, 2009 at 19:41
    day after day im loosin my respect for pharrell.
    beats are gettin cheaper, behavior is pathetic.
    wake up p!

    I wouldnt say, im losin respect for him cuz of all the things he ever done…But yeah he needs to wake up,

  9. Agree with “Yo mama & Daz” also.
    Glad I’m not the only one realizing that Pharrell is somewhat slipping with the music quality….Somehow its not like it used to be…
    Seeing Sounds in my opinion is abit wack compare to the 2 other amazing albums. I honestly think Seeing Sounds was made for $$$ rather than good,neptunish qaulity music…..Pharrell is a master mind with music & I repect him but I feel he somehow latly lost the line to deliver music that will last.

    The girls only turn up because it is Pharrell & die to get on stage to bump /grind with him…if this was any other band with this music
    ” Seeing Sounds” I can garuntee you the sales would flop or would last for abit then fade.

    Lets hope he’s not loosing his creativeness in music as a artist.

  10. bullshit!!!!you all need 2 wake up!!Pharrell is slippin’ more like ,you are slippin as fans!!i heard him say in an interview once that he will def not reproduce the same sounds over and over again!!so what the fuck did you expect??!!in search of….is never gonna happen again,but are ya really sayin’ that seeing sounds is worse than fly or die!!!don’t think so….!!and people n.e.r.d don’t have songs for $$$

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