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Pharrell Is Working On Mailing For Quarterly


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Quarterly Co.™ is a subscription service that enables people to receive physical items in the mail from influential contributors of their choice. What can I expect to receive from Pharrell? The theme of my Quarterly mailings is curiosity. I think it’s important to live each day like a student. Learn new things, exercise my mind and devour culture like an archaeologist. Whether it’s a book or something I just think is cool, every item I send has inspired me to feed my curiosity.

Pharrell Williams is feverishly working on a first mailing for Quarterly, which will be posted on along with future mailings—once it’s been shipped. Subscribe now to be part of Pharrell’s mailings from the very beginning. “Each mailing has a unique hashtag (e.g. #IAO01) so you can follow its progress on Twitter.” “There’s a bunch of things that inspire my curiosity and I want to share them with anyone who’s interested. @Quarterly is helping me do it. Instead of just telling you about these things that inspire my curiosity, I can now send them to you in the mail because of @Quarterly. I’m hoping my mailings with @Quarterly will help feed your own curiosity and inspire you in some way. What things do you find you’re the most curious about? Pick one thing like music, people, food, style, etc. and tell me why.”



  1. Hey, do you happen to have Nicole Scherzinger’s album ‘Her Name Is Nicole’? I’m such a huge fan of hers, and I just need to hear that full album

  2. Nah Joseph, try Bittorrent though.

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