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D.A. Wallach

D.A. Wallach x Interview

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By Damien Chazelle, photos by Guy Lowndes. D.A. Wallach is most certainly a well-versed jack-of-all-trades. First discovered within the music industry in 2007 by Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Jermaine Dupri as the singer of Chester French, the Harvard graduate also received the university’s first certificate in the Bantu language Gikuyu, invests with and advises at various technology companies, is currently Spotifiy’s artist-in-residence, and just last week released his first solo album Time Machine via Harvest Records.

Next year, he’ll make a cameo in his friend (and famed director) Damien Chazelle’s La La Land, starring Finn Wittrock, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and J.K. Simmons. In spite of his proven talent, Wallach originally made his solo debut anonymously. In 2013, a mysterious single titled “Glowing” was released with a music video directed by Tyler, The Creator. The goal: to allow people to appreciate the song purely as an act of creative expression, not because of a name attached to the music. Thanks to MHousel52.



D.A. Wallach – Time Machine (2015), Faded Blue (P. Williams)

D.A. Wallach
has finally released his debut album titled ‘Time Machine’. The 11 track album has also a collaboration with Pharrell on the track ‘Faded Blue’, you can check it out below. Make sure to cop the album on iTunes.

D.A. Wallach – Faded Blue (P. Williams) (15’)

D.A. Wallach – Time Machine (2015)
01 – Long Way Down
02 – Feel
03 – Every Time You Walk Away
04 – Time Machine
05 – Disaster
06 – Glowing
07 – Faded Blue (P. Williams)
08 – Wander
09 – You & The Moon
10 – Hit The Ground
11 – Farm

The M Machine – Got It Made feat. D.A. Wallach (15’)

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D.A. Wallach x Forbes Interview

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By George Howard. ‘Bitcoin For Rock Stars’ A Year Later: An Update From D.A. Wallach On Blockchain And the Arts. D.A. Wallach, the recording artist and songwriter who Kanye West and Pharrell Williams discovered while he was an undergraduate at Harvard College, wrote the article, Bitcoin for Rockstars: How Cryptocurrency Can Revolutionize The Music Industry, in December of 2014.

Mr. Wallach’s piece – eloquent, insightful, and provocative – served as the first meaningful opinion from the artist community regarding the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. A lot has been written since then. I personally have explored this topic with artists like Zoe Keating, Imogen Heap, Ryan Leslie; and with Venture Capitalists and entrepreneurs, such as, Andy Weissman from Union Square Ventures, Bill Tai, Jesse Von Doom from CASH Music, and the founders of Colu.



D. A. Wallach – Geronimo & Just One Better (Demos)

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D. A. Wallach is prepping his solo album, and he just released some old demos he recorded for his studio album, check them out below.

D. A. Wallach – Geronimo

D. A. Wallach – Just One Better feat. Nick Jonas

D.A. Wallach – TBA (2015)

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“I am putting the final touches on my first solo album, which will be out in 2015. Here’s a recent shot from the studio!” Thanks to Molly Housel.

D.A. Wallach In The Studio

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Jade De LaFleur – So Long feat. D.A. Wallach (14′)

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D.A. Wallach collaborated with the new R&B artist called Jade De LaFleur for her debut EP titled ‘Jade’, check out the tune below.

D.A. Wallach & Pharrell In The Studio

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