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  1. Trop puissant ! ! ! La prod o la la.. Direct sur mon lecteur !
    Il risque d’etre chaud bouillant l’album ! Peace
    Tres bon blog (au passage)

  2. Daaaamn! Zock on zock on!

    Should be played in the club 4 sho!

    Btw… The girl’s hot! Who’s she?

  3. the girl is called
    Jessica Michibata

  4. hey, i should do this on the actual video of it but there’s footage of N.E.R.D. at sxsw of Spazz you should make an mp3 out of it.. its better quality

  5. yeah i already did that, but didnt feel like updating :)

  6. al sween was outside my sisters window holding a boombox above his head playin zock on. needless to say this man must be stopped before he impregnates all of our little sisters!

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