The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Chad Steers “Master Plan (2000)”!

Michael Etheridge, the now 31 Year-old singer has had Riley’s eye since he was 15 and a member of a vocal group called The Neptunes (3rd Neptunes Member), whose members attended high school next door to Riley’s Virginia Beach recording studio. “Master Plan” is the title track from Mike E’s debut album, which credits Riley as executive producer. The disc, which is currently due out from Capitol in early 2000, also feature four other songs Riley wrote with the artist.

Blackstreet’s Chauncey Hannibal and Eric Williams supply some background vocals on the disc, while other guests include Karen Anderson, Queen Pen, and Knowledge The Pirate. Mike E’s former Neptunes bandmate Chad Hugo also produced tracks for the record such as the lead single “Master Plan”. The other songs Chad Hugo worked on at this point are unknown.
(We Need The Credits !)

Mike E – Master Plan (C.Hugo)
Mike E. – Masterplan (2000)

1 – Master Plan (C. Hugo)
2 – Look In The Water
3 – Don’t Change Your Mind
4 – One More Chance
5 – Nubian Queen
6 – Caught In The Bedroom
7 – Hey, Where You Been
8 – Liar, Cheater
9 – Do What You Wanna Do
10 – Lettin’ Go
11 – You Ain’t Been
12 – No More Daddy’s Girl
13 – Do You Know Where Broken Hearts Go


Shar Jackson Working With Neptunes !

Apparently Shar Jackson is working with The Neptunes for her forthcoming album which is about to release next year according to She was in a relationship with dancer Kevin Federline, who later married and divorced pop singer Britney Spears and has two children with Federline. Shar was crowned recently for the winner on the MTV reality show Celebrity Rap Superstar last month, beating runner-up Kendra Wilkinson. Shar confirmed also on TRL that she had some meetings with record labels and that her song Let It Blow is releasing as the first single.

“Lost Without U” Most Sexiest Song 2007 !

Robin was not voted one of the most sexiest men, but his song “Lost Without U” is 2007 Most Sexiest Song of the People Magazine recent issue with the Sexiest Man Alive cover of Matt Damon.

The story behind Robin Thicke’s tender R&B ballad “Lost Without U,” which he wrote back in 2004, is a little more complicated. “…The first time Pharrell heard the song, he said it was a smash, The first time Bono heard it, he said it was an incredible smash. But it still took three and a half years for anybody else to hear it. If I were just looking for money or fame, I could take all these offers that I’ve been turning down…”

“…I’m actually working with Lil’ Wayne in the upcoming months for his new album. Mary J. Blige and I still work together, Usher and I’ll still work together, and if Alicia Keys calls you can be sure I’ll do something with her. I write and produce all my own music, always have. That’s the difference between me and guys like Justin Timberlake, is that I’ve always written and produced my own music. I’ve been signed to Interscope Records since I was 16 years old, and I’ll always be at Interscope Records with Jimmy Iovine and Star Trak…”

Clipse Respond To Lil’ Wayne Diss !

Almost a year after the war of words between Lil’ Wayne & the Clipse started where Wayne said that Clipse don’t sell, the questions are still in abundance, Malice stated that he wouldn’t be against recording a song with the self proclaimed best rapper alive.

“The only thing he asked me is if I had a problem with Lil’ Wayne. I was like, “Nah. I don’t even think that way.” I felt like Wayne talked a little slick about the Clipse in his interview. We addressed that. To me it’s over.” Pusha went on to say “That was an editorial mistake. I don’t got a problem with Wayne, anyway. Wayne puts out a lot of music, and I think he should get credit for that. I ain’t never gonna talk to him. The guys I rap with, they talk the language, he talks a lot.”

The Queen Of Star Trak !

There Is a Natasha Ramos Interview on, where she is talking about Star Trak & her Solo Project !

“…I performed at a showcase for the record label Arista with a friend of mines and from that they saw my potential and wanted to sign me as well. I ended up doing a deal with Arista and was signed to The Chocolate Factory Production Company and Pharrell took an interest to me as an artist, but I was already signed. Time went on and like everyone knows Arista folded and Pharrell wanted me to be apart of a girl group he was trying to put together with Vanessa Marquez and myself, so I signed on as a member of the group and the group ended up not working out so now I am a solo artist signed to the label. It’s an amazing experience working with The Neptunes.

They’re truly humble and talented and they are one of the most creative producers I have ever worked with because they completely thinks out side of the box and very motivating so working with them helps me grew as an artist and challenge myself to a whole another level. I’m working on my Solo Project which I don’t have a title yet for it but I have been working with The Neptunes, Troy Oliver and Bryan Michael Cox for my project. I’m Just putting the last finishing touches on the album and getting ready to do a promo tour. Look for the album and because there have been so many artists with the name Natasha, I may not come out with that name so I’m going to think about another name because it’s been very confusing…”

Natasha Ramos – Untitled (200X)
Confirmed Tracks !
This Love
– Invisible (Neptunes)
– Strawberries
– U Can’t Handle This
– Lady Likes
– Screwed
– Running Out Of Love
– I’m Feelin Myself
– Music Box


MTV Artist Of The Week: Kenna !

Experience his Prince-meets-Talking Heads-meets-New Order-meets-LCD Soundsystem style in his “Say Goodbye To Love” video, and watch his Playlibs interviews and favorite videos. Check out exclusive Kenna Photos, read Kenna’s Blog Updates from his current tour with She Wants Revenge, watch him channel his inner Dave Chappelle in his MTV Artist Of The Week On-Air Spots and tell us why you can’t get enough Kenna.

Kanye Gig Honours Mum !

Kanye West has vowed to complete his current tour in homage to his late mother Donda, who died following a plastic surgery procedure. The hip-hop star paid tribute to his mum at a recent gig in Brussell and said he planned to continue the tour despite being in mourning. His Next show is at London’s O2 Arena , which kicks off the UK leg of his tour. It comes after Kanye attended his mother’s funeral in Oklahoma. Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, Anita Baker, John Legend and Pharrell Williams were among the stars who attended to pay their respects.



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