The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Three C. Hugo Prod. On Mike’s (EP) !

Alright, I found some info about the Chad Hugo Mike E. tracks that we talked about the other day. It seems that Mike E.’s (EP) has been faked around several times, which means that there are several different tags of tracks on the so called (EP) with 13 tracks. So yeh, I managed to get the “Real” (EP) with just 5 tracks, but Chad Hugo isn’t credited on it, neither is Pharrell, although the Mike E. track “Look In The Water” is on Blackstreet’s album Level II from (2003) with credits of Pharrell but according to Chad worked together with Riley for Mike E’s (EP) which never released. That means Both Chad & Pharrell worked on Mike E’s (EP) from (2000)

Mike E. – Master Plan (EP) (2000)
Real Tracklist !
1. Mater Plan (C.Hugo,T.Riley)
2. Look In The Water (C.Hugo,P.Williams,T.Riley)
3. Don’t Change Your Mind (C.Hugo,T.Riley)
4. One More Chance (Ben Garrison)
5. Nubian Queen (Ben Garrison)

The New Star Trak Reaggeton Artist Venevo !

Sergio Veneno aka Jack Venom has newly signed to the Star Trak/Inetrscope camp. His Style is a mix of many Influences and has an unmistakable voice which has the Industry buzzing. He already has worked with many established artists such as Fabolous and Noreaga.

-> Sergio Veneno – Hop In My Whip feat. Fabolous (MP3)

-> Venevo & Pharrell In The Studio (Video) (2007)


Pharrell Talking About Britney !

“…She’s going through a lot that people don’t recognize, You got to understand, she was a child star and she’s held on way longer than most people can. You got to understand the pressure. Her record is cool, but you got to give her a second to get things back together. You’re seeing a reality show that no one’s producing, that no one’s directing, and that’s a problem. Despite everything going on in her life during the making of Blackout, all of Britney’s co-workers said she put the music first. That was a huge accomplishment in itself…” said Pharrell Williams, who produced her closing track, “Why Should I Be Sad.”

Stylist Rachel Johnson Has Helped Dress Pharrell !

“…Trend watching and mimicking is all good, but make sure the look embodies your true essence. The key to style is “believability.” You must own your look and be the wearer of your clothes; you can’t let trends wear you. Working with Pharrell, he understands personal style, he’s a trained forecaster, confident enough in himself that he can do things other people aren’t doing because he knows what’s next…”

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