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February 2008

We Rule The World (T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.) Cover !

weruletheworld.jpgThe Swedish self-proclaimed supergroup are still plugging away with a second single release from last year’s The Black And White Album We Rule The World (T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.) UK release date: 25 February 2008” Always a band with a tendency for swagger and arrogance, the sentiment of the track is as you’d expect, but considering their lack of chart success.

hiveshives.jpgProduced by Pharrell, We Rule The World is musically something of a departure for the band with some funk elements, and Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist employing some falsetto vocals over an incessant guitar groove. Two thirds of the way in, some Rapturesque bells kick in lifting the track. However many times they spell out their name for us, they aren’t the best band out there, and they don’t rule the world. Nonetheless they are clearly their own favourite band, and that lack of self-awareness seems to have become their identifying feature. Perhaps their approach charms some people, but they’ve become a bit ridiculous and aren’t far off being a modern day Spinal Tap. Suport The Artist & Buy The Single !

Pharrell Is InStyle’s “Man Of Style”

kiis-fms-18.jpgPharrell Williams has been named InStyle’s “Man of Style.” In the mag’s latest issue, the super producer revealed some of his style secrets, where he described his clothing lines, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, as “basically everything I ever wanted as a kid, but couldn’t afford and if I could have afforded it, no one was making it.” Williams also goes on to talk about his disliking for “Gotti-like” jewelry and bling, saying he’s toned down on the rapper fetish.

“I don’t like ice, and I don’t like bling,” Pharrell told the InStyle. “I just like jewelry — beautiful stones and incredible settings. I’m not a loud or look-at-me individual. And even when it seemed like I was, it was more a sense of artistic expression.” Check out more of the interview at !

Slim Thug – Boss Of All Bosses (2008) (TBA)

slimthugamuthafucka.jpgSlim Thug is working on his new album called “Boss Of All Bosses” the follow up to 2005’s “Already Platinum”. Among the guests & producers who are contributed to the album are UGK, Paul Wall, The Neptunes, Yung Redd, Lil’ Wayne, Swizz Beatz, Lil’ Keke, Akon, Timbaland, Mike Jones, TGT and Devin The Dude.

His first single of the album is the “Theme Song (Hoggs On Da Grind)” produced by DJ Toomp.


Slim Thug – Theme Song (Hoggs On Da Grind)

YouTube Preview Image

N¤E¤R¤D & Teyana On Bet’s “Rip The Run Way” !

nerdsfdsfd.jpgN¤E¤R¤D are performing “Everyone Nose” on Bet’s “Rip The Run Way” airing March 4th at 9PM, while Teyana Taylor will be walking as a model. According To Startrak, N¤3¤R¤D is Finished and they mixing all the songs now.

nerd-2.jpg“…The album will hopefully be out Late Spring but we have no dates until we finalize everything. The March dates are headlining gigs so you will get a full show and at least 3 new songs of the new album…”

Team Ice Cream Blog !



There is finally a Team Ice Cream Blog. You can check there all updates and goings on with Terry, Evan, Jacob, Kevin, Cato, Jimmy, Anthony and all of our friends and fam. *



Clipse & Joss Stone In Entertainment Weekly !

josss-stonesss.jpgClipse & Joss Stone are currently trading tracks say reps for the artists. Clipse will make an appearance on Joss Stone’s next effort, while the British soul singer has already recorded a song for the rappers’ forthcoming album with their group the Re-Up Gang “Due June“.

Jadakiss Working On “Kiss My Ass” !

jadakissss.jpgJadakiss, who’s about 8-9 tracks deep into his new album with a possible release date in late May, recently aired out his feelings on a few subjects including the possibility of getting The Neptunes on his new album. “…I still gotta holla at Kanye, Just Blaze, maybe Pharrell, hopefully Dr. Dre, DJ Toomp. Whoever got the f*cking heat man, Timbaland, Storch. I don’t discriminate. If it’s hot, let’s have it.” On the possible Kiss My Ass title of his new album: “Nas is dropping N*gger, why I can’t drop Kiss My Ass? I think I might keep my sh*t. Kiss My Ass coming soon.”


Snoop Dogg In XXL MAG !

snooppp.jpg“…Initially, there weren’t supposed to be any guest artists on Ego Trippin’. It just happened. That might be me Ego Trippin’ . The real Ego Trippin’ on this record is that I let people write songs for me. “Sensual Seduction” took people by surprise. There was no strategy. My boy Shawty Redd wrote the song, and once I sent it back, he started playing it in the clubs in Atlanta. He’s like, “This muthaf*cka is a big record.” When I played it for my peoples, they didn’t feel it at first not my immediate people, my record-label people. They were like, “Eh.” I was like, “F*ck what y’all talking about, I’m putting this shit out. This is some fly shit. It’s my career, anyway.”

Teriyaki Boys’ New Single !


Apparently Teriyaki Boys’ new single is produced by The Neptunes and is called Zock On featuring Pharrell & Busta Rhymes which comes out in March 18th. Thanks To Neosoul and his Brother !
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