When we last left you, we were on our way to Vegas. Well, we make it with little trouble, but once we show up, we realize the stage at the House of Blues in the Mandalay Bay is effin’ small. So, on the fly, we have to ditch our drum set and bass rig and share with the dudes from N¤E¤R¤D. So we sound-check and chill out a bit at the casino. Our keyboard player, Tyler, is a high stakes roulette player, so he heads off to the tables while the rest of us get food. After about twenty minutes, Tyler comes back shirtless. We don’t ask any questions, but everyone knows what went down. Then it’s show time. After the show, we split up. Peaches and Max went back to the hotel, Manny and Omar went looking for some fun, DA and Lukas went to a club and Tyler… well, he had to go buy a new shirt. Until next time…
-DA & Max

Chester French Fall Tour Diary Episode 8: Las Vegas

Fall ’08 Tour Diary, Episode 8: Vegas from Chester French on Vimeo.