Pharrell Williams
is certainly a hip-hop outlier – more geek than gangbanger, the dude designs chairs, listens to The Beatles, works with Louis Vuitton, hell his acronymous band name even spells it out. But nothing signifies Skateboard P’s inner geek quite like his penchant for throwing up the N¤E¤R¤D-Tastic Vulcan hand signal. Trekkies vs. Bloods, I wonder who win in a gang war… With this in mind Parisian art collective Atelier WM set a cast of Pharrell’s hand in said Vulcan hand gesture and created a limited run of electric blue candles. An object that references pop culture AND acts as a precaution against blackout? Hell yeah.  For those who’ve always wanted a piece of Pharrell the candles are available from December 8th at Colette and BBC/Ice Cream stores.


Pharrell At The Colette Store In Pairs

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