Help Chester French and DJ Clinton Sparks come up with a title for Chester French new mixtape project! Clinton Sparks is at it again but this time with one of the hottest new pop bands, Chester French aka D.A & Max! Clinton has been taking the mixtape game to another level with his latest projects from Fall Out Boy and most recently Strong Arm Steady and Tyga. Chester French teamed up with Clinton Sparks to create an audio movie with a score of all original music written, produced and performed by Chester French. Clinton Sparks and Chester French have been in the studio nonstop for a week putting this masterpiece together, and for those of you who are not yet familiar with Chester French, after this project you will become a fan of their unique, creative sound and understand why Kanye West, Jermaine Dupri and Pharrell Williams all wanted to give them a record deal!

They ultimately signed with Star Trak/Interscope and their debut album “Love The Future” is slated to drop April 21st, but in the meantime GET FAMILIAR with this Chester French and Clinton Sparks collaboration, set to drop the top of March. This mixtape is pure entertainment with humorous skits, interludes and a few surprise guest features that will take you on a journey with D.A. & Max from their Harvard days where they formed their band and hooked up with a few “Nerd Girls,” to Hollywood where they were partying and getting kicked out of clubs, got a record deal and subsequently were sucked into the Hollywood life before buckling down and finishing their debut album. Leave your Mixtape Title ideas as comments On Chester French Blog.

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