pharrell-sponge-bobPharrell Williams. The man behind legendary songs like “Like I love you”, “Drop it like it’s hot” and “Hollaback girl”. My idol and inspiration in many ways… Yes, I got to meet him. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he walked past me in Myer today. It was P and 2 big mofo’s and they were on a mission. James Lander and I were just standing there… “Man, that’s Pharrell Williams…” He was like “No way…” I repeated myself. “Man it’s Pharrell fucking Williams“. He was wearing these big blue glasses which made him a little mysterious in appearance. It was the tattoo on the back of his neck which gave him away. Putting my “WTF is going on” face aside, I went up to him. “Pharrell…” All three of them turned my way… “Man, I’m so sorry to bother you but can I just say that your work on “Justified” and “In Search Of…” is an inspiration… honestly, thank you.” Yes, this may sound pretty lame to you but to my credit I didn’t act like a crazy fan and his reaction was a grateful one.

We shook hands and he offered the same gesture to James who was still in shock and said some mumble. His bodyguard who was at least 6’10 asked where he could purchase some Calvin Klein t-shirts… Pharrell corrected him. They wanted “plain white Ck t-shirts”. This moment was brief but I can’t explain how amazing it felt. When he left, it really hit me… I just met Pharell for god sake! This guy produced all my fave records! … He wrote JT’s senorita! “FRONTIN”… Omg! Even as I right this, I have goose bumps. This guy is the coolest cat on the planet. This will go down as one of the best moments of my life. I’m sure NERD will kill it at Future music… I’ll have to wait until next week to see him at the Hordern pavilion and now the anxiety will kill me even more… After letting it all sink in I look back now and want to shoot myself…why the fuck didn’t I get a photo with him???…


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