beyonceWifey Beyoncé is at it again! Beyoncé , who is featured on the cover of Los Angeles Confidential’s March 2009 issue in a hot white swimsuit, reportedly Herve Leger by Max Azria, says that hubby Jay-Z was her first [relationship]! This remark has left many wondering now was this an insinuation that hubby Jay-Z was the fortunate one who could have taken the pop-star/actress’ virginity.The two, who reportedly began dating as early as 2001 or even before according to reports when Beyoncé Knowles was a young 19 years old, got married years after courting in April of 2008, which rumors of a marriage between the two actually started up sometime between 2005-2006, again, according to reports.

According to celebrity dating and relationships website Who’s Dating Who, Beyoncé reportedly dated rapper Nas (no year listed), actor Shemar Moore (no year listed), Kobe Bryant in 1998 (Beyoncé would have been 16/17 yrs old), Marques Houston in 2000 (Beyoncé would have been 18/19 yrs old), Eminem in 2001, and Pharrell Williams in 2002 which is around the same times she reportedly started dating rapper, current husband Jay-Z.


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