I think we all seen this video yet where Pharrell curses in front of fans , well i woulda do the same thing though, he just wanted everyone to be save. Check out this letter of a fan who was at the cocert that night.

I am an Emory Student and I was present at the NERD concert where Pharrell spazzed out. In his defense he had all the right to spaz out! He ordered barricades to be moved so the audience can get closer to the stage. Right as the barricades were being moved the crowd stormed towards the stage putting everyone as risk of being injured. Pharrell simply wanted to give the people removing the barricades a chance to remove them safely. The students in the crowd did not listen to Pharrell’s orders of stepping back and giving the faculty a chance to remove the barricades. He pleaded with the students several times before spazzing out on them. He later apologized to the students for his language and gave an amazing show. I have been at Emory for 4 years and this by far has been the best concert. There was a lot of energy, crowd surfing, and an overall great performance by NERD!!!!! Imad A.


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